Ubisoft may have inaugurated a new Opus from the Tom Clancey’s Rainbow Six franchise with the Extraction episode, on January 20, it does not forget to pamper the previous component by feeding it with some novelties. Moreover, for the next three weeks, Rainbow six seats made, like that would say, new skin by changing totally universe for something more mystical and exotic!


Rainbow Six Siege turns its formula

Rainbow Six: Extraction may be more recent in video game news, it does not mean that Ubisoft abandons it. On the contrary, the previous component is worn as a charm and continues to receive a gallery of content which feeds, and will feed, the seventh year of follow -up of the FPS. Despite its launch in 2015, Rainbow Six Siege still holds the favors of the French publisher who notably offered him, last March, a new extension which gave the feeling of not doing in lace.

Ubisoft’s FPS lives well, it even lives very well and continues to surprise the community of players through crossovers as improbable as crazy , or through limited -time events as it is case from tomorrow. For the next three weeks, Rainbow Six Siege will upset its formula and, to do this, Ubisoft spokes the usual setting of the game for a Japan straight out of mythology where the agents are not their traditional cable balls but a real samurai armor.

Full of novelties for the Rengoku event

Rainbow Six Siege remains above all an FPS, so that the players reassure themselves: handguns and rifles are always there. Subtlety is the appearance of KIBA equipment that has such a lethal weapon that it can shoot one of your enemies in one blow: the explosive Kunai . Moreover, according to the chosen agent, four types (incendiary, poisoned, blinding or repulsive) of KIBA can be used for even more chaotic parties!

What should be called the event Rengoku begins tomorrow and ends on May 17th. During this period of time, The game will transpose you into a mystical Japan with a revised card for the occasion, namely skyscrapers, so that it turns into an old temple floating in the air , more conducive to clashes between samurai. In this regard, The control points mode, in 5 against 5, will ask you to stay close to the different altars for five seconds in order to score or steal points : the goal being to arrive as quickly as possible to 300.

For players, The Rengoku event is an opportunity to perfect to discoverinbow Six Siege differently and, of course, recover the famous cosmetics . Uniforms, head equipment, weapons skin, agent cards… nothing is set aside from Ubisoft who, in addition to that, makes available packs to recover via the challenges of the event or the shop against R6 credits or renowned points.


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Rengoku Gameplay Trailer | Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege | Ubisoft [DE]

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