Nexon registered three trademarks that are estimated to be new game titles. The trademark is ‘Dave Diver’, ‘First Dandent’, ‘Pracia Electric’. Nexon filed three trademarks in April.

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‘Dave Diber’ is a game that Nexon released in 2018. Neop Put Sterno42 (Studio Put) was developed by National Geographic Collaboration. ‘Dave’ is a marine adventure game that explores the beautifully reproduced marine ecosystem and hidden civilization under pixel graphics. Nexon looked at ‘Dave’ when it was in 2018, but there was no distinct news since then. Nexon has registered Han Young Title, such as ‘Dave Diver’, ‘Davethediver’ on April 4th.

‘FirstDens’ is a trademark that Nexon registered on April 11. Until now, there is no ‘FirstDens’ among the game planned by Nexon. Only the project name The official title of the published game is the possibility of ‘First Dandens’. The works that Nexon has released the project name is ‘project Magnum’, ‘Project ER’, ‘Project SF2’, ‘Project HP’.

‘Pracia Electric’ is a trademark that Nexon filed a relatively recent April 20th. ‘Pracia Electric’ is also a title that Nexon has not been to the next work that has been released so far. ‘Pracia Electric’ title was also registered with ‘New Pacia Electric’, ‘Wars of Neo-Prasia’. If you guess the title feature, Nexon’s new fantasy IP is likely.

Nexon official said, “It is difficult to confirm the specific information on new brands.”