Halo Infinite will start soon in the second season. The development team took the upcoming start to the occasion to publish a roadmap to the upcoming content. Some data has already been set, while other features have received only a rough time period or not at all listed on the roadmap.

Popular Halo features come late

Thus, 343 Industries published on Halo Waypoint a roadmap for the year 2022. The roadmap is divided into two Seasons, with which the new modes and features are implemented in Halo Infinite:

  • Season 2: 03. May 2022 to 07. November 2022

  • Season 3: from 08 November 2022

Which content will come? In addition to a new Battle-Royale mode, there will be the popular King of the Hill mode and land grave, which come into play together with new maps and new events. Even the coop mode for the campaign, the fans wish since the release of Halo Infinite, will finally come in the coming months.

Everything about the three new halo infinite modes can be found in the following article:

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However: The coop mode is not yet provided with a concrete date. Rather, the developer team tries to retire the coop mode at the end of August. But when exactly the mode comes and whether there will be a shift until then, remains uncertain.

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In addition, the Forge LevelEditor, with which the community converted in the past, conjured unusual creations, still no concrete release date. It is only known that the mode should appear with Season 3 at some point. After all, it should already give an Open Beta for Forge from September.

What awaits us in Season 2 of Halo Infinite shows the following trailer:

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Dates not carved in stone

But the team of 343 Industries made it clear that the roadmap is a living document. This means that over time further released data will be submitted if more concrete information can be made.

Already in the past, some features were moved backwards. For example, Koop mode was originally dated for spring 2022, but now appears in late summer 2022. So it remains to be seen whether it will not come to further shifts over time.

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