The incorporation of personalities within the world of videogames has been something that surprises every day, since seeing Snoop Dog reaching Faze Clan to the news of today where the Chicharito joins the rows of complexity. All this has given the opportunity that many personalities want to involve within the world of videogames to create various opportunities.

Complexity is an American team founded since 2003 but in 2017 the owner of Dalas Jeans Jerry Jones and the investor John Gof , managing to consolidate in several disciplines of the ESPORTS such as Valorant, CS: Go, Rocket League to create a Very large identity with his followers.

Javier Hernandez Chicharito Talented Moment Control 27/02/2022

Announcing last week a surprising ad through Twitter account. * Chicharito joined the rows of the team as a content creator.

Javier “Chicharito” Hernández is a Mexican soccer player who has been on different teams like Chivas and La Galaxy where he has shown great performance but this has not been what he has brought to the footballer to this world but Chicharito has become very popular on the Twitch platform where he does streamings from one of his favorite games Call of Duty Warzone , making use of his hands also from the hands and above all showing a facet other than the athlete He has attracted the public to his transmissions regardless of whether he likes football or not.

It is interesting to note how the great teams seek every day more to personalities of different sides to make the name of your brand becoming increasing, we could see more music characters or even athletes from other disciplines incorporating the world of gaming As Sergio “Kun” Aguero and Gerard Pique have done.