Have you always wanted to go to Hawaii? Would you possibly even want to travel for free on one of the beautiful Pacific Islands? Do you have an account with Twitter? Then the time has come to hope for your luck! Pokémon Go raffles on the occasion of the community day with Velursi and celebrate the Alola season a trip for 2 to Hawaii! To participate in this raffle and random reduction, you have to do the following: Follow the Twitter account of Pokémon Go and Retweetet the raffle tweet – in addition, you have to be over 18 years in this country to qualify for the raffle. And that was already! Everything that still stays you is to press the thumbs!

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Incidentally, when choosing the winner, the Retweets of the regional Pokémon Go accounts are also considered; So every participant should have the same opportunities. The raffle ends on April 24, 2022 at 07:59 o’clock of our time \ – until then you should have participated! And here are the whole details that are interesting away from the raffle ^ ^

Goodies to the Velursi community-day

First of all, the important thing: the winner of the journey and his companion can redeem the journey within a year. And on the occasion of the soon upcoming environmental week, Niantic enables winners to engage in an environmental organization during the Hawaii visit.

Apart from that, there is another prize for 100 winners trained by chance, namely the tropical outfit consisting of the Curbelanel-shirt, round sunglasses, the flabébé hairpin, the backpacker shorts (for male avatars), the white sprinter -Shorts (for female avatars) and the red sandals. For the items, a code will be issued.

And then the community through the diligent retiets can also unlock a free box for all members of the Pokémon Go Games Shaft! The following applies: “If there is enough Retweets in the participating languages until the beginning of the Community Day with Velursi, a free box will be available for all coaches in the shop, the content of which is based on the achieved Retweet Milestone:

* 10,000 Retweets: 1 lockmodule
* 20,000 Retweets: 1 lucky egg
* 30,000 Retweets: 1 Raid Pass

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