The signing of players within the ESPORTS is something more common than we imagine, as happens in conventional sports we see that the great exponents seek the young promises of the various disciplines that exist within the competitive field, yesterday was made An advertisement that gives a lot to talk about where FAZE showed who would be part of the clan,

FAZE CLAN is a forged organization in 2010 and continues active to this day, competing in several esports as Valorant, CS: Go, FIFA, among others, founded by Lee Trink with a project Ambitious and that has been adapting over the years, yesterday, April 17, 2022 during the Genesis 8 event, in the official social networks of FAZE became a quite interesting announcement where it was going to Edgar “Sparg0” Valdez taking The shirt of the team to be your representative.

of Tijuana for the world

Sparg0 vs Zomba - Top 8 Ultimate Singles - Genesis 8 | Cloud vs Rob
Sparg0 is a Mexican player born in Tijuana, Baja California leading from 2019 competing at a professional level at Super Smash Bros, becoming considered the Prince of the Competitive due to its great performance and Being in the end against Leonardo “Mkleo” Lopez where he has given a very good show, even MK Leo has mentioned that “Sparg0 is going to be the maximum representative of Smash very soon,” due to his great talent and cloud management, the Mexican has managed to be in the Top 3 of several tournaments as are:

  • Genesis 8 (Top 3)
  • RETA 2022 (Top 2)
  • The coinbox # 7 (Top 1)
  • Collision 2022 (Top 1)
  • G4 SMASH Ultimate Invitational (Top 1)

It is incredible to see how the pledges of the ESPORTS continue to leave every day, the quality of the players does not depend on the country where they are born but of the perseverance and the opportunities that arise, hopefully more ads like this come true inside From the next few years for LATAM.