The Bearded Ladies, Developers of Year Zero: Road to Eden_, has worked hard on a new tactical strategy game. It seems to have been done in secret too, because a trailer showing a strangely polished game appeared on YouTube today, just ten days before it exit. The game will be released on Epic Games Store on February 17th.

CORRUPTION 2029 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - No Commentary (PC)

Corruption 2029 will once again provide players with a tactical strategy puzzle they need to understand before an enemy passes through them a high caliber tower. The next tactical murder simulator will put you on orders for a quad of increased soldiers as you try to overthrow the corruption that has reduced America to a warty-torn wasteland.

The game will focus on the fight based on coverage, stealth mechanics and tactical gameplay. Explore the environments in which you are fighting, stay stealthy and set up in advantageous positions will be extremely important if you want to survive meetings with your enemies. “The strategy is indispensable,” according to the developers. “Players must determine if violence is necessary or not before engaging the enemy.”

It seems that the fight will have the same abrupt difficulty that did mutant year zero such a joy to play.

The trailer above shows a game that owes a lot to xcom, although it is almost impossible for the games of the Tactical Strategy to escape this particular shadow. The main difference between this and Mutant Year Zero seems to be that it will be a more serious and direct experience, while Mutting Year Zero It was a road trip with a girl and two friends, who were just being a pig And a duck.

Mutting Year Zero was very nice, so we are waiting for good things from Corruption 2029. With a little luck, the game can still display a certain flair for writing and not being too serious, but for the moment it seems that the focus will be on combat systems on anything else.

Corruption 2029 will be launched on Epic Game Store on February 17th and will cost $ 20.