We arrived at the phase of Playoffs where only the best of the regions are alive, those who won in their respective region and those who managed to get out of the trench called “ First phase” , looking for the crown to see Who will be the dominant team at the Competitive Valorant .

One of the favorites gives the face in the tournament

The first series of the day was a confrontation between one of the favorites G2 Esports against a team that came out afloat in this tournament, we talked about Zeta Division, managing to get his pass to this phase by defeating ninjas in pyjama , on a first map of Split where Žygimantas “Nukkye” Chmieliauskas placed tremendous bullets with operator to miss the Japanese, in a game that looked at the first half staying 7-5 in favor of samurais, changing to the attacking side g2 I wanted to continue sticking with everything His favor, managing to take a few rounds that would not be enough to reach the runners of EMEA finished the map 13-7.

Going on to the second map, a bind that was chosen by g2 to demonstrate a different control in its selection but surprisingly the Japanese would have other plans with an early “Tennn” Asai that would be on with the tumbler within the Defender side and managing an early advantage for your team on the first side with a 7-5 , wanting to keep that advantage on the map Zeta Division began aggressive with Yuma “DEP” Hashimoto getting to * Sage Duelist at key moments, on the other side G2 would not have much desire to let the Japanese want but now the One Tap mode was put for Aaro “Hoody” Peltokangas who put calm inside his team to take a Small advantage where they would close the map 13-10 * to advance the upper bracket.

Rumble the samba in Reykjavik

Introducing the Playoffs Teams! | VALORANT Masters Reykjavík Day 5 Tease

In the second series of the day they faced two teams with hunger to continue competing, on the one hand EMEA with Team Liquid by another representative Brazil, starting in the icebox to give what to talk about in this first map where we saw Samba style plays made by Felipe “Less” Basso by using a Viper who put control in the areas of the map, however, the arrows placed by the Finnish Elias “Jammpi” Olkkonen was tremendous to get the map 7- 5 suffered in the first half but in favor of the Brazilians, changing the situation on the change of sides where the European team proposed getting information that worked in a good way but Erick “Slaps” set the bullets that fired in the rounds Upload your kDa Achieved to leave uncoordinated to your rivals, the map was very even within each of the rounds but ended at 13-10 in favor of Brazil.

Changing stage now in a Haven that was chosen by Liquid to put a little chance to achieve the tie in the series and go to a third map, taking the French agent for Nabil “Nivera” Benrlitom who was the nightmare on the site of where he placed a huge wall where the Brazilian team could not move forward and trying to make some points ended up being scheduled in the area, staying with a 10-2 in the first part to give him a huge chance of arriving To a decisive map, now in the attack of EMEA things were still very much close by closing rapid rounds without letting the Brazilians be answered to put a 13-3 ** and reach the following map.

A map of Ascent that is known by the Europeans where the first half is rededing from the Round of Guns, Gustavo “Sacy” Rossi manages to keep a map in his favor on his attacker side due to the arrows that work very well by placing them in Strategic points that give them good information, leaving in the first half with a 6-6 and now hoping to win the defense against the Europeans, for the second part of the confrontation the Brazilians managed to start the rounds with Power Bryan ” panga “Luna was ravage inside the map with a omen that little by little was placed as the top of the team and with a tactical pause to calm things in the last round the team of Brazil puts an end to Map and the series with a 13-10.

This was how the first day of Playoffs was lived with emotions and desire to continue enjoying the VCT Masters, there are still more days of competition where we hope to see meetings of this style, remember that all coverage is here at * mgg. *