It will have been enough for an update of the site of the PlayStation Studios, whose main illustration is now showing Sam Wear Death Stranding, so that a good part of the Internet lanes the foresight sign of an acquisition of Kojima productions by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Not so simple, obviously.

L'horror e Kojima: come immaginiamo il nuovo gioco di Kojima Productions

“_I am sorry for this misunderstanding, but Kojima Productions was and will remain an independent studio”, preferred to react Hideo Kojima on Twitter this morning so that the rumor does not spread. If it is true that the illustration of PlayStation Studios does highlight only games made by studios belonging today in Sony, the Death Stranding license has always been the property of the manufacturer who can use the Creation of Kojima without necessarily enrolling his studio. A studio which, the subscribers of the gentleman already know, recently left his premises that became too small.

Let us remember that according to Hideo Kojima itself, Kojima Productions is at work on two projects. “_ A big game, and a game that represents a new challenge,” he confided last December to the Famitsu site. According to a source of Gematsu, one of them would be other than Silent Hill funded by Sony Interactive Entertainment. For his part, Journalist Jeff Grubb has just confirmed in his podcast that the Kojima project funded by Xbox was still relevant a few weeks ago. The joys of independence, indeed.