Most of you will know the story of the hare and the hedgehog: no matter how fast the bunny is running, the hedgehog is always at the destination. The trick behind the seemingly impossible wonder: the hedgehog is not alone, but has a partner. As it turns out, it goes to Zelda: Breath of the Wild with the Nomadian dealer Terri exactly. No matter where our hero comes to Terri is already there – despite the heavy backpack. However, the crammer has more than just a partner.

That’s the Terris mystery in Breath of the Wild

Reddit user Thornyfox has found that there is more than just a terri in Breath of the Wild – or Beedle, as the dealer in English means. But like the whole prove? Quite simply: By shooting Terri, we can dissuade him from his path and gradually pilot in a certain direction. This made Thornyfox in small start with four of the terri to gather them all as a “band” in a place – the four “Beedles” so to speak.

How the whole thing looks like in the short run, you can follow in the following video:

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Goron City (Night) 10 Hours- Zelda Breath of the Wild

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10 hours of work: The clip can guess how much devotion has asked the action. On a request in the comments, Thornyfox reveals that he used a whole for 10 hours to beat the four terri in a place. And there is not even a failing to fail, where the NPCs were all reset again because he has taken a break on a campfire.

This is how NPCs work in Breath of the Wild: The funny action reveals us a lot about the characters in the game. In addition to Terri, other NPCs may appear in various places in the game world. All these figures roam certain areas and are reset when we store, fast travel or raced on a fire.

Returns Terri in BotW 2? The trailer does not reveal it yet:

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Actually, there are even 16 Terris: For each of the 16 stables in Hyrule there is a terri that can be found in its vicinity. If link travels to another place, the dealer is not “already” there, but it was all the time. Canon is the clone family but probably not – officially only a single terri.