In Chrono Cross you are waiting for 45 game characters, which will give you a wide opportunity to create an ideal command. This guide discusses Pierre , the real hero in itself is at least so he speaks with his French accent. Here’s how to hire Pierre in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

Where to find and recruit Pierre

As soon as you first get to the term in the “other world”, you can find Pierre in the forge of Zapap. It will be in the rear room, wrapped in front of the mirror. Talk to him, and he will tell you that he lost his hero’s medal .

If you leave for the forge of the Zap, you will see a boy running circles. He has a medal hero, but you can’t get it yet! You will need to return to the term where you entered the city, and Talk to a person polishing a statue Upstairs the stairs.

Now you can get a hero’s medal from the boy, but just talk to Pierre after it is not enough. You need Stand next to it and use the key item , the hero’s medal using the “Square” or “Y” button – depending on your console. Talk to Pierre once again, and you will have the opportunity to recruit it.

Pierre will be a worthy assistant in Viper Manor, and its characteristics are not bad. Later in the game you will have the opportunity to complete his full set of hero, which will make it a powerful force in battle.


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