The general director of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, has explained the controversial decision of the company to eliminate the I do not like button. YouTube is one of the largest websites that exist thanks to its seemingly infinite content of content. It is a great platform of social networks full of entertainment, ways to learn and much more. For the most part, it has remained practically the same since its creation, but it has evolved into a business opportunity for the creators and much more. However, the changes that Youtube often end up being controversial. In 2021, the platform eliminated the button of I do not like the view of the public. The button still exists technically, but the metrics can only see the creator. This turned out that YouTubers as Pewdiepie expressed his discomfort for the removal of the button I do not like.

Executive Director of Youtube Susan Wojcicki discussed the matter with Ludwig Ahgren during an hour interview. She pointed to a large extent that the tool was not useful for public use and perhaps generated some toxicity. “We knew it was going to be controversial,” Wojcicki said. “We have to do the right thing for the ecosystem as a whole and execute the website in its entirety, we have access to data that individual creators may not have, which means that we are seeing all the statistics on how in general it is working the platform. We are not only running an experiment, we are running many for a period of time. I do not like it, we listen to high and clear why many people were not happy with that decision. We also saw the impact that I was having in a many new creators and that is bad. We need to support the new creators and how they are growing for the long-term health of our ecosystem. “

Wojcicki also stated that YouTube has no plans to allow users to change the I do not like their channel. Ultimately, the button I do not like allowed the creators to know how the public felt about things. The trailer of the last GTA V Removing received tons of I do not like it on YouTube, which can be a valuable comment for a developer like Rockstar Games, but it could also be harmful or negative for a smaller creator. It seems that the public displeasure button will be a thing of the past unless a significant change is made.

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