A new PlayStation report has good news about compatibility with earlier versions of PS3 on PS5. The exotic architecture of PS3 has persecuted PlayStation for many years. Not only caused headaches to developers during the generation of PS3, but has been a headache for PlayStation that has not been able to emulate PS3 in PS4 or PS5, which means that compatibility with earlier versions has been limited to The transmission through PlayStation Now. Playstation players were hoping that this would change with the new PlayStation Plus, but that was recently announced without compatibility news with previous versions of PS3. That said, according to a new report, compatibility with previous versions of PS3 will reach PS5, although it seems that it will not be a compatibility with previous versions and it seems that it has been a nightmare for PlayStation to discover it.

The report comes from the way of Moore’s law is dead through sacred symbols, who says that Sony has been working for years to decipher the compatibility code with previous versions of PS3 and is finally beginning to approach the realization of this hard work. According to Moore Law is Dead, Sony has had to create more or less many different micro emulators within a larger emulator to run several games. Why have you had to do this? Well, the report states that it is due to the architecture of PS3 and how several developers had to implement various tricks and solutions to work with it. Then, instead of simply creating an emulator for all PS3 games, Sony basically has to create a special emulation study by study. This is not only a lot of work, but ensures that when compatibility with previous versions of PS3 arrives, it will probably be largely, to your own. Even so, some games are better than any game for many PlayStation fanatics who have been desperate to visit some of the classics trapped in PS3.

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For now, however, all this is unofficial information, which means that it should be taken cautiously, but it is aligned with other recent rumors that compatibility with previous versions of PS3 is imminent and that the unique architecture of PS3 has Made that ps3 very complicated retraction.

At the time of publication, PlayStation has not commented on this report, and taking into account that it has not commented on previous rumors of compatibility with previous versions of PS3, we do not expect this to change, but it does, we will update the story accordingly. Meanwhile, feel free to leave a comment or contact me on Twitter. @Tyler_fischer_ and let me know what PS3 games you want to see submitted through compatibility with previous versions if you end up limiting yourself to a select list of games.