Halo Infinite has been struggling for weeks with declining player numbers, which is among other things on the lack of content replenishment. There is already a small bright spot on the horizon, because early May Season 2 of the Free2Play multiplayer should start. This bears the name “Lone Wolves” and will bring new modes like King of the Hill.

Much more is not yet known, which is why many fans eager to wait for more information about the Season. But what was recently announced about the official Halo-Twitter channel , so they would not have expected.

Recipes from the galaxy

Because there is apparently a halo cookbook – yes, no joke. This carries the subtitle “recipes from the galaxy” and should be available from August. First of all, there is no information in English, to a German translation.

According to the American Amazon page , the nearly $ 40 expensive book by author Victoria Rosenthal on 192 pages “over 70 recipes for every occasion” and “Every Skill Level”.

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It is still unclear which recipes hide in the book, after an interesting concept, the whole thing sounds like it or so and above all after an exciting, because unusual expansion of the halo cosmos to its own household. We at least have three spontaneous suggestions for delicious dishes:

  • Brute-burger
  • Chief Chili
  • Grunt vegetables

Fan reactions are split

The reactions to this unusual announcement fell off mixed. While some commented all the Süffisant and with a wink (“I thought, the first of April would be over”), others wondered if there were no major priorities for the halo team than a cookbook.

Here, of course, it is clearly pointed out that the team of 343 Industries is probably only on the edge with the development and creation of the Halo cookbook and continues to focus on creating new content and optimization for or by Halo Infinite.

Despite some irritated voices, the cookbook seems to be very interested in contrast. For dealers Amazon, it is already the restaurant in the field of “Video Games Art”.

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Halo Infinite appeared on December 8, 2021 for the Xbox Series X / S and the Xbox One. The Free2Play multiplayer has been released in mid-November. All important information about the game can be found in our test to Halo Infinite.

What do you say about the Halo cookbook? Would you buy it and have your recipe suggestions?