Soon it will be strange again in the cinema: Am 4. Mai returns the former surgeon Stephen Strange and makes in “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” not only the lighting houses but also the multiverse uncertain. One month before release, fans with a new trailer make the mouth aqueous.

The strategy seems to go up: In advance, fans bought more tickets than for any other film this year. Even the Cosplayer CWEEKS05 can hardly wait to see the superheroes on the screen again. His outstanding costume is a proof of his loyalty.

“I came to negotiate!”

With his Cosplay he represents Doctor Strange more than convincing. His blue robe gives a great contrast to the imposing, red cloak and both could also come from the film doctor. The same applies to the wide, black leather belt, which holds his robe together.

Also wonderful are his herrish pose, which suits the often arrogants and self-convincing kind of Stephen Strange and the small but quite impressive light effect. In the comments, Cweeks05 writes that he plays a bit with the App Facetune and thus produced this effect.

More wonderful cosplays

Not only marvel fans are allowed to look forward to cosplays, also video game enthusiasts are fully charged with the many great costumes of the community. Two grandiose examples are the cosplays of the Android A2 and 2b from the philosophical masterpiece Nier Automata .

Also Witcher fans can enjoy wonderful cosplay during their waiting time on the new game from the witcher world. How about the near-witcher Ciri or the faithful sorcerer Triss Merigold? Or you look at one of the many female variants of protagonist Geralt of Riva, which sometimes make the round.

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