How To Buy FIFA WORLD CUP Tickets 2022
As with the last end rounds, fans must submit to a certain procedure to get tickets for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar (21 November to 18 December). Currently and until 28 April, followers of the German national team can apply for tickets.

Who can apply for World Cup tickets?

“In order to be able to participate in the application procedure of the PMA quota (Participating Member Association), interested parties must either be a member of the fan Club national team or conclude a tournament registration,” says the website of the DFB. That’s at best ten euros (tournament registration). These methods should be avoided that people come to tickets for which there is a stadium ban.

How many World Cup tickets are for sale?

In the so-called “PMA contingent”, the national associations are available eight percent of the stadium capacity. For example, in an arena with 50,000 places, this corresponded to 4000 tickets for German fans.

A person can apply for a maximum of six cards per game. Overall, applications for ten games and thus 60 cards per person are possible.

How will the World Cup tickets award?

If the demand exceeds the offer, 40 percent of the tickets will be raffled (in the example: 1600 tickets). The remaining 60 percent (in this case: 2400 tickets) go only to members of the Fan Club, which have significantly better opportunities. In this contingent, persons with the highest bonus dot number receive the surcharge. Bonus points receive members about visited international matches as well as the length of their membership. The assignment of the cards takes place at the end of May.

What cost World Cup tickets?

For the group matches, depending on the category between 40 (category 4) and 800 euros (category 1) are due. For the eighth fields, the cheapest ticket costs 300 euros. The final beats at least 750 euros to beech or 5850 euros in the highest category.