Armor Games Studios has published a new trailer for Story-driven mouse ADV “ THE SPIRIT AND THE MOUSE ” scheduled to be released in 2022 for PC (STEAM) / overseas Nintendose switch.

This work is a heartful adventure game with an emphasis on story. A great adventure starts on the stage of the French old-fashioned village “Santo Claire”, with a small mouse “ Lyra “. The story moves out by encountering the spirits of the spirits. The player will search for the goal and achieve the goal, collect items, and help the people of the village that is troubled with the pleasant electric spirits “ Gibrin “.

# # Game Features

  • Explore French attractive villages, Sainte E Clair and discover the secret at your own pace from a small mouse perspective.

  • Run through the world with power using electricity, solve the puzzle using the character, and spray life in the story of the villagers.

  • Let’s join the quest or smiles a mini-game loving kilulin and help the villagers who are troubled.

  • Collect energy and happiness in the middle of adventure and unlock new capabilities.

“The Spirit and The Mouse” starts to deliver the kindness “The Spirit and The Mouse” will be released in 2022 for PC (Steam) / overseas Nintendose switch (currently no store notation). The formal date and time is unknown.