When we talk about creating content, it automatically comes to the Twitch head. IBAI, ilojuan, KNEKRO or AURONPLAY are some of the great faces of the platform and are easily recognizable by almost any Spanish speaker less than 25 years. But it is true that it is the only platform today that is consistent when it comes to retransmissions live since there is none that can cough in terms of quality and ease to make direct.

That is why one of its large rivals can become very important in the medium and long term: YouTube . The Giant of Google had a golden age that went in history several years later by various internal problems within the website, but it seems that he wants to reborn with Ludwig as the main poster head. That is why the known influencer who signed by the red giant has spoken with Susan Wojcicki, CEO from YouTube since 2014 and that has been harshly criticized by her policies.

During the talk, they were talked about various topics that although they do not seem to be about great importance short term, to medium-long yes that could become very conditioning to When choosing a platform in which to create content to try to live on it.

Disappearance of the Dislikes button

One of the great issues that they wanted to deal with was the disappearance of the “I do not like” button , something that Ludwig himself commented that he did not like it. Susan did not go with surroundings and it was sincere: “ On some occasions we are wrong When it comes to launching some characteristic (…) I had no idea that the 2018 Rewind be out so badly. We knew that There was going to be controversy; we have to always do the best for all the YouTube ecosystem. “

“We have data that no other person has and we were experimenting with the dislike button. Because yes, there were many people who did not agree, but did not see that this button did a lot of damage to the smallest content creators “. YouTube’s own CEO was aware of all the controversy that occurred after removing this feature as mythical, but apparently removing the button you gave the smallest channels more support and much better growth than they had before removing the _dislikes. _

YouTube and the NFTS

Something that could not be missing in this interview was the theme of the NFTS ; Susan affirms that she has a few in her property and Ludwig jokes with this trend. When he touches to talk about implementing this feature in YouTube they become very open but above all Insurance: “If the creators sell their videos in the form of NFT, it is another way to earn money through the page”. The CEO said that she she would like to add this feature to her platform for two reasons **:

  1. Grant a good monetization to all creators of content that work on YouTube
  2. They are in the better position to verify who is the creator of the NFT and who is your buyer, since they have the necessary tools to do so

And it is that YouTube’s thinking head sees good eyes using these non-fungible tokens: “They are a new way to earn money through different products or services such as buying their music or a video clip”. However, Ludwig thinks that these NFTs only serve so that the rich becomes richer, with smaller creators as large affected. To this, Susan has answered that she can understand her position but she will change for within two years: “We are preparing different tools so that the smallest creators also have much more liquidity as a result of this mechanics with their own art * * “

The great problem of copyright

A topic that is also quite burning is that of copyright; Ludwig tells him that he many times he looks very committed to reacting according to what things for fear of this content ID that YouTube has. Susan knows about this problem and comments that it is something that is not alone in his hands: “You have to ask the owner of those rights if you can use them; and for a television program can serve, but the music that sounds during that program It is not yours (…) in music, unfortunately there is only one owner and many times we can not agree with them

However, Susan is positive for the future: “We know very well all the information about the _copyright_y we are working so that everything is simpler to solve “. Ludwig is clear in this regard and has an opinion that consumes the enormous majority of those who consume Internet content: “I see that consuming content with copyright has many advantages, because it guarantees you to earn money if people see that content”

How does the algorithm work?

One of the great problems that Youtube has always had has been his algorithm . When Ludwig asks Susan about if he knows how it works, even she herself knows it is quite complicated, but that the true key is that they have a system that you learn by itself: “the algorithm is not static ; Our systems learn Through our users are looking for and many times we have to learn about what the system has learned to know if what I was doing was the right thing “

As it has been possible to know through the interview, there are several factors that influence a lot at the time that a video works very well thanks to the algorithm:

  • CTR: The number of clicks that gets a link regarding your number of prints is important to appear on the first line of recommended
  • Video duration: is very variable, but it is true that the longer a person is watching the video, the better it will be for the algorithm
  • The recommendation at the end of the video: It seems nonsense, but it seems that it also conditions said video when it comes to appearing more times in different spaces and feeds

Confronting the CEO of YouTube

a proposal that should be given on twitch

The talk has been quite long, but especially very interesting for all the questions we have always formulated when we have seen all the problems that have had some content creator. A talk that although it has had A very friendly tone, the topics you have tried are quite important for the new policies that will cause the arrival of YouTube as a direct platform.

The latest twitch policies are being enormous-polymemic ** and it is likely that many content creators of the purple platform can leave their ecosystem because of the abusive service when it comes to relating work time and profits. It will be necessary to see that it happens in the future, but it is obvious that Twitch needs a clear competitor to stop the feet and add new features that favor smaller content creators.