Horizon Forbidden West has again received a lot of changes in the latest update. Patch 1.11 returns numerous bug fixes and the usual quality-of-life improvements for balancing and performance.

When looking at the patch notes, however, a point is particularly. Not because he makes a big change in the game, but because… he asks us for karaoke singing?

Sing-Along in Horizon Forbidden West


Concrete is the change “For the text of the title song” in the Flood “, subtitles were added. Time for a karaoke session!” In fact, the song plays pretty much at the beginning of Horizon Forbidden West in a nearly three-minute introne sequence. Here we actually have nothing else to do than to listen to the music and watch aloy on your journey. Actually a perfect opportunity to Mitzlingen, how well the developers thought.

Behind the rather cute prompt, of course, also hides an accessibility feature. Especially for hearing impaired people, subtitles are important and in music were missing so far.

How to convince Horizon Forbidden West otherwise shows our test:

Other features that support you in Horizon Forbidden West:

  • Horizon Forbidden West charging screen is so fast that you can slow down
  • Horizon Forbidden West: All difficulty levels and who should choose
  • Horizon Forbidden West: Second person can help by co-pilot function

Patch 1.11 buffs legendary weapons

In addition to the call to karaoke singing, update 1.11 of course also provides further improvements. Do you want to give yourself an overview of what everything is new, you will find here the complete English PATNOTES:

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more on the subject

Horizon Forbidden West: Patch 1.11 is live and makes legendary fans happy


Thus, numerous bugs were fed again, which disabled the progress of missions and improves performance and stability. In the HUD settings, Questmarker can now be completely hidden. Even the little beloved Nerf legendary weapons was undone, which many fans is likely to be particularly looking forward to.

YOU WERE YOU TO “IN THE FLOOD” Your Best Karaoke Insert?