Your great role models are Palpatine and its empire, but you have a few difficulties as a space dictator correctly to grasp? Then come here the * best cheats in Stellaris **, with which you become the sole ruler of your galaxy! You will learn in this guide:

  • How your cheat can use in Stellaris
  • Like the best cheats for strategy game

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What do the Stellaris cheats bring me?

With the cheats you can make one or the other change of your game round in Stellaris, which you could not achieve so fast with normal means. For example, with a cheat, you simply integrate another star-rich into your kingdom, you fits the size of a planet at the push of a button or explores all technologies on a hit.

Important to know: Cheats only work in the PC version of Stellaris – and of course only in singleplayer mode.

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How do I use cheats in Stellaris?

The codes can be easily entered in the 4x game of Paradox Interactive. You only have to operate ^ (that’s the key next to the number 1 and over tab on the keyboard) and already opens the so-called console . There you can then typing the cheats and then admire full resource camps as well as in a nutshell enlightened enemies.

IMPORTANT is many of the codes that you have entered a fixed value at the end. So if you use “cash”, “Cash 1000” entered and you get 1000 energy credits credited to your account.

Which cheats are there?

In Stellaris there are a lot of console commands that cover all sorts of functions. We listed the best here, with which you can dominate your galaxy:

Note: In the console you leave the square brackets away and give only one number.

Cash [number] (Example: Cash 1000) Energy credits are added
Minerals [number] Minerals are added
Food [number] Food is added
Max_Resources All resource bearings are completely filled
Influence [number] Influence is added
Unity [number] Unity is added
Physics [number] Physics research is added
Engineering [number] Engineering Research is added
Society [Number] Social research is added
minor_artifacts [number] Small artifacts are added
Finish Research Your current research is completed
Research_Technologies [ID] Finish research with the ID [ResearchID]
Research_all_technologies Explores all technologies that can not be explored repeatedly
finish_special_projects Complete all special projects
Instant_Build Complete all construction projects (including your opponents!)
Invincible All your ships and units become indestructible
Survey Explore all systems (requires a research vessel)
Colonize Begins to colonize the selected planet
grow_pops [number] Adds the amount [number] to the population to the selected planet
Planet_Size Enlarges the planet up to a maximum size of 78
Planet_Happiness [number] Adds [number] satisfaction to the selected planet
Free_Government Lets you freely select your government form
finish_terraform Closes the Terraforming process for all planets.
Force_integrate [target] Integrates the [Destination] Starreich in Your Empire
Intel Explore the whole galaxy card
Activate_all_Tradition Activates all traditions for your kingdom.
Communications Activates all communications with all peoples
Federation_Examine_Leader Begins with the new election of the conveyor channel
TechUpdate Coves the research possibilities new
Create_Navy [number] Creates a fleet with the current construction plans and the fleet capacity in% (1 is for example 1% fleet capacity)
Damage [number] All ships in the selected fleet get [number] damage.
AI Turns the Ki one and off

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How to use Stellaris Console Commands & Cheats (re-recorded with improved audio)

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