So… if that’s not even a leak… on Pastebin has an anonymous guest , which looks like an idea of what the developers of Bungie for Destiny 2 are planning a collection of keywords for the Further future of the Loot Shooter posted. Named topics for season 17, 18 and 19 are, among other things, in stone contents such as Solar 3.0 and Arkus 3.0 – of course. But also lots of story turns and… One thing that makes me bleed the heart as a fan of a particular raid. If you have no interest in learning something about this very extensive leak and possibly planned story developments from Destiny 2, then read now! Here is absolute spoiler danger!

Once again the note at the point: None of which is officially confirmed by bungie and on demand of the authors of my-MMO nobody wanted to give off the developer studio any statement to the Pastebin Leak!

Season 17 – Season of Lord

In the season of the Lord, the iron banner should be a role model with a revision of the call system to Shaxx ‘and Drifters. The aim is that you get a slightly fast reputation at the iron banner than in the crucible or the gambit. To do this, entertaining features should provide to make iron banners more attractive, such as a daily elementary burn, as you know it from the strike playlist. Depending on which flame flickers in the iron banner shell, an element then causes more damage.

Storytechnically, crow should then take Saladin’s place, which had to leave his post as part of the current season to serve Caatl as Bracus Forge in her war council. While crow is now watching over the Iron Temple, rest in Kosmodrom. In plaguelands (one in Destiny 2 (Buy Now 21.90 €) then a new game area) make Siva splicing wide to win country. Ana Bray helps us to push back the splices and we find an old war spiritif rasputin. Rasputin is to be reassembled according to Leak. Story is underpinned by a new 6-player activity in which the iron temple needs to be defended, and a new dungeon in plaguelands.

In Season 17 Solar 3.0 is said to come, ie the revision that has already received emptiness now with Witch Queen Release: Solar gets class-specific aspects and class-independent fragments that you may adapt to your game style. The Solar Gameplay rotates primarily about the ignition mechanics. In the leak itself there are some details of the supers, aspects, fragments and melees of Titan, Warlock and Hunter. If you are interested, then look in!

Season 18 – season of lies

The information on the season 18 is already a bit vague in comparison to those for the season 17. Also, the story points maybe a bit… well, not unbelievable, but possibly attached to the wrong time. But here once an overview:

Originally, it would probably have given the plan not to return the obvious Destiny-1-Raid royal crash (which would fit to the witch queen story), but anger of the machine. But it came to any problem and that’s why it’s going to be a variant of royal crash on the 14th Saint and Mithrax based on the data in the brain of Quria (from the season of the splice). So then we will explain how Savathûn has become so powerful as it is final.

Here is a small comment: that makes me very affected personally ^ ^ I loved both raids in Destiny 1, but Wrath I found a bit better than the fight against Oryx. But only because it has not worked now, that does not mean that we have to do without the Siva Raid in the future.

Main characters of the season are Mithrax and the 14th saint, of course, but also crow and rasputin should play a role – and the season story should end with a mega plot point, which was raised to the conclusion of the witch-out campaign: crow should kill Immar, who in turn tries to bring Savathûn back to life. Of course, it makes sense that this happens sooner or later. The question is only if that would not be rather what would be right for the season right before the next extension!

With the 18th season Arkus 3.0 should come into the game. Hunters should be able to focus on disorienting opponents while Titans should electrify their enemies and to go even more towards warlocks.

Грядет будущее Destiny 2. Прошлое – это лишь пролог. [RU]

Season 19 – season of the prophecy

There is probably not really many details because the production of the season had begun. But the disappeared planets Merkur, Io and Titan as well as Leviathan should appear again after IMMARU is now defeated – but the locations remain in the content safe. Interesting: Apparently it comes aboard the Leviathan to a deal with Calus, because humanity must prepare for the witnesses. At the end of the season, and to the release of light case, the stuff in our solar system will arrive, kill Calus for his betrayal and then attack the earth and the traveler before the servers go offline for the lightfall release. With the season, a new dungeon should come in the throne world, which breaks up after Immarus death.

Light case

You are still there? Then, according to the articulated story clues, you may already know where the journey goes: The campaign of light case should be more huge than that of witch king. This time, it’s the witness that claims the traveler, and the campaign reminds of the original Destiny 2 campaign from the red battle. You should travel to Planet from Planet and first collect you before you try to save the traveler before the witnesses. Allegedly, the EDC and Nessus should hike in the content safe. What do you think of the whole?

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