Cyber Bricks – This is a collective type that can be found across the Galaxy in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. They look like blue square blocks of Lego, and they can be obtained, exploring and solving puzzles. Cyber bricks can also be found in Kyber Brick Comet , which are found during the flight in space. Shot and destroying these comets, the player will receive five cyber bricks . Do not worry about what you miss them at the first passage, since they can always be obtained later, after passing the levels.

What are the Kyber Brick used for?

Cyber bricks are used for upgrades, so players who want to arm their characters is important to find as much as possible, exploring nine episodes of the game. Since Kyber Brick comets provide such a large number of these bricks, players would be reasonable to focus on their search and destroy when they are available.

Most improvements and unlocked items also cost a large number of studs , the main form of the game currency, so players should also follow them. Studs can be found on the ground during the study or breaking destroyable objects, so be sure to break everything you can.

Fastest Way to LEVEL UP with Kyber Bricks in LEGO SW: TSS!

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