Epic Games announced that the final donation amount was $ 144 million (about ¥ 17.6 billion for Japanese yen) for humanitarian support programs that were conducted on “Fort Night” “Fort Night” **. did.

This humanitarian assistance program is to donate the full amount of revenue from “Fort Night” to multiple humanitarian support groups during the period from March 20, 202, 2022, 2022. Xbox also cooperates with this effort, and net income is used for donations for sales related to “Fort Night” in Microsoft Store. In addition, it was announced that $ 100 million (about 12.2 billion yen for Japanese yen) was gathered at the time of March 30.

Epic Games has been a consignee of $ 114.4 million, DIRECT RELIEF, UNICEF (UNICEF), UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Uniced, UN Child Fund (Unicef), DIRECT RELIEF (UNWFP), UN UNHCR Association-A total of 5 units of World Central Kitchen, a total of 5 World Central Kitchen, and thanks to the user who supported this program.