Riot Games has redoubled his bet with respect to the updates of champions at League of Legends . After having worked on them throughout last year, the company announced that during this season they will upload the rhythm with the miniature reworks. Playable changes that will continue to be accompanied by generalized visual improvements for most of the champions. The last one in joining this second group has been Shaco , which already has changes to the effects of all the skills of it in the PBE.

So you will see the “new” Shaco of the next patch

Again we have to insist that there are no outstanding playable changes for this version of the champion. However, we are facing a visual update of category in which the character’s model will only be kept intact. All skills will be modified to be clearer and more attractive . In this way, Shaco will adapt to the modern times of League of Legends and will follow all Riot Games design regulations. As a side effect, we are likely to suffer a small rebound in your gameplay

Changes to Shaco’s skills are the following

  • Passive – stab in the back : Added new effects for basic attacks depending on whether they hit the champion or back in front of the champion.
  • Q – cheat : Added a new effect for invisibility animation, which keeps part of the champion’s orange smoke pump.
  • W – Surprise box : adjusted the visual indicators to the range of action of the skill, also showing the distance to which the “fear” is applied, which is something higher than that of activation. In addition, there are new effects for projectiles and their impacts.

Shaco Visual Rework 2022 - League of Legends
* E – Double-edged venom : changed the projectile. Added also a new wake when he impacts on a rival.

  • R – hallucination : modified all effects of skill (launch, timer and explosion)

All these settings will also apply in all Skins of Shaco. However, some will receive additional changes to adjust to the new reality of this League of Legends champion.

  • Base Aspect : Full Modification
  • Shaco crazy hat : adaptation to new visual effects
  • Shaco Royalty : Adaptation to new visual effects
  • Shaco Nutcracker : adaptation to the new visual effects, recolored with winter theme and some snow effects.
  • Shaco Workshop : Adaptation to the new visual effects, coated with electrical theme and added some sparkling effects.
  • Shaco Manicomio : Adaptation to new visual effects
  • Shaco ammascarado : adaptation to new visual effects, recolored in red and purple
  • Shaco Joker : adaptation to new visual effects
  • Shaco Dark Star : Adaptation to new visual effects, new impact effects and cleaning some inaccuracies.
  • Shaco Arcano : Adaptation to new visual effects, new impact effects and cleaning some inaccuracies.
  • Shaco Nightmare in the city without law : minor adjustments.