Halo Infinite is intended to get cross-marketing and content from the Halo TV series by Paramount Plus. Therefore, the team of 343 Industries tries to find a way to integrate some content from the TV series into the Game Universe of Halo Infinite.

“We will have some content inspired by the show, which will appear in the game a little later,” said Brian Jarrard, community director at 343 Industries in the interview with the Washington Post. But there is no plan at what time the contents should appear.

343 Industries wishes to be able to win new players and players through the series. Through the TV series, many will come into contact with the Halo Universe for the first time and one of course is hoped to arouse the interest in Halo Infinite.

“The hope is that we get much more attention. Do you like the program? Try the game, it is free by the way, “Brian Jarrard said, pointing out the projects to work in hand in order to create a larger audience.

“We look at threads and allusions that we can contribute to Halo Infinite because it is a service and we will have the opportunity to create and influence experiences and content over time, even if it is technically different universes and timelines. I think that at some point we are nodding between the two, back and forth ‘… to seek opportunities to make the show in an entertaining way, “Jarrard added.

Halo Infinite Will Get NEW CONTENT From the TV Show!

The second Season of Halo Infinite appears on May 3 and will show whether 343 Industries manage to inspire the Halo fans.