MS Ai Korea (representative) said MSI said that the domestic gaming monitor market was ranked as one of the foreign brands in the market cumulative sales volume.

According to the global market research institution IDC, MSI has been confirmed that MSI has declared the Gaming Monitor market and has been ranked as one of the foreign brands in the accumulated sales volume for four years since 2018, which has declared its entry and started sales. MSI, which was the fastest growing gaming monitor brand in the same period, is expected to have achieved three hundred millions of cumulative sales volume in February last year.

MSI, which has a good response in the 27-type 27 FHD (1920 * 1080) gaming monitor market through ‘MSI Optics G271’, has a variety of gamers, such as Quantum Dot Display, HDR, 4K UHD High Resolution, Ultra Wide New products are revealed. As of April 2022, MSI explained that it is supplying a gaming monitor to 30 species only in the domestic market.

In addition, MSI, which was one of the most active brands to implement the FHD 120Hz environment of the latest game console on the Gaming Monitor, is the latest image quality in WQHD (2560 * 1440) monitors, including ‘MSI Optics MPG321QRF-QD’ and ‘MSI Optics MAG321QR’ The “MSI Console Mode” to enjoy the game console also speeds up PC gaming, as well as PC gaming, as well as the console gaming area.

MPG341CQR – Expand the Possibilities | Gaming Monitor | MSI
MSI officials said, “Thank you for your interest and encouragement to your support, thank you for your interests and support for your support, and promise you to show better products, not losing the best gaming experience.”

Additional information on MSI monitors can be found on the MSI Korea homepage.