Posthumous Work of Regretted Benoît Sokal (1954-2021) – Author of BD and pioneer of the video game in France – Syberia The World Before is now available on PC. A narrative adventure that appears as the 4th episode of this marking saga for many adeptic players from the point clic and puzzles. Above all, the teams of the Microid studio have worked to develop an episode alternating skillfully between the poetry of the small moments of hope and the horror of fascism and war, plunging us through two different but complementary eras.

Previous Syberia released in 2002, 2004 and 2017, we had retained a touching dystopic world where his heroine Kate Walker, a New York lawyer, had started an adventure that led him to explore the borders of Sybérie to solve A thick mystery. If you are not a familiar with this universe, do not panic, the authors of Syberia The World Before propose a video to summarize the first three episodes and seize the meaning of this odyssey.

This 4th opus plunges us directly into a 1937 parallel in the city of Vaghen who is not without reminding Warsaw of the time of his ghetto in 1940. In the footsteps of the young Dana Roze (17 years old), which offers a Few musical poetry with its inhabitants, we then discover a darker face, that of the brunette shadow whose fascinating velkes traumatize part of the population. Very quickly, the player finds himself transposed in 2004, where a Kate Walker Amaigrie by forced labor in a Taiga mine, seeks to free himself from his prison.

Syberia: The World Before Walkthrough part 1

The best episode of saga

Built by following these two times and in the form of an investigation so that Kate understands both its origins and secrets long buried since the time of Dana, Syberia The World Before turns out to be the best episode of saga.

The artistic direction is here a success, driven by an atmosphere that makes a tribute to the imagination of his deceased Benoît Sokal creator. One can also applaud the musical partitions orchestrated sometimes with emphasis, sometimes everything in subtlety. Microids, whose recent productions are recently mounted (Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo, Marsupilami: the secret of sarcophagus…), book here an attractive game.

If sometimes dated technical aspects and sometimes too classic puzzles can be raised, it remains unless SYBERIA THE WORLD BEFORE is a clear success to appeal to survey lovers, especially since the second part of the game takes a Unexpected turning. A very nice surprise.