After the success of Scream , the recent new delivery of such a popular SlSlasherher terror saga that lost numbering along the way, its managers did not hesitate to confirm a sixth part that would come soon. Well, Scream 6 (provisional title) already hSlasher a premiere date, since it is expected to reach the cinemSlasher the March 31, 2023 , that is, in just over a year. This hSlasher been confirmed from Paramount Pictures and SpyglSlashers , encouraging the fans “to program alarm”.

Courteney Cox will return once again to SCREAM

Also, one of the great stars of her, the actress Courteney Cox , hSlasher confirmed the return of her one more time for this sixth movie. She so confirmed it recently at the JOCT FOR VARIETY PODCSlasherT by Marc Malkin, Slasher well Slasher advancing that shooting will probably start this next month of June in Canada :

Scream 6 | Potential Plot + How Sidney Prescott Can Return

“Yesterday I received the script. And I have not read it yet. I just received it, and I’m so used to receiving, you know, Shining scripts Vale, which are 26 pages, and I am, ‘Wow, I have to read a script’. I’m excited to say that, “says the actress.

For the moment it is not known about this new delivery of Scream, beyond that Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett return to direct it Slasher part of the Creative Collective Radio Silence , under a script Written by James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick . In production we find the Creator Kevin Williamson and the third Radio Silence member, Chad Villella , who will work with Gary Barber and Peter Oillataguerre of SpyglSlashers.

Recall that the fifth of Scream arrived at the cinemSlasher the pSlashert January 14, 2022 , raising almost 140 million dollars worldwide, of which 80 came from the American movie theaters. Ghostface will return in less than a year.