Trust Erador Ballentine to be as reliable on the battlefields Triangle strategy as it belongs to House Wolffort. At the beginning of the game, he has unprecedented health and protection indicators, and its strength is high enough to apply massive strikes on the enemy.

Strategy for Erador Ballentine

The first two abilities of Erador default: provoke as well as Sprint . Use Sprint in its first move to get one motion cell for the following three – huge help to deliver this heavy attacking where it should be. Then you can throw it into the thick of the battle, surrounded by both enemies and friends, and use the provocation to lead to the rabies of surrounding enemy units. They will focus their efforts on Erador, but he can confront them, causing great damage and protecting your allies.

It will receive a powerful move in Ram FO , studied by the last as recruit, capable of acting a serious damage to one enemy, as well as discard it for five cells back, while Erador moves forward to 1. This ability is an integral part of any block positioning strategy, which includes the rapid elimination of a problem opponent if you cannot defeat it and threaten one of your own.

Further abilities of Erador will include desperate protection What will strengthen its protection in battle if his health is lower than half. Physical meter This is a formidable counterpart, to save you a move, causing a huge damage. As in any good attack in this game, do not rush to find out which dents should leave this tank.

The main use of Eradora in a triangle strategy will be to lead your efforts to protect and strengthen the protection of your team. One of its most useful actions is its basic air shield Attack, which always crips the enemy when you need it.

Improvement class and improvement

Uber Information System Strategy Triangle

Erador Ballentine class Default: Shlotonac But it can be enhanced to guard with one courage medal at the tenth level. At level 20, it can be upgraded to master keeper with a courage with a courage. And the final rank of Erador’s weapons includes provoke TP -1 that reduces the cost of TP provocation, while its last ability, Royal Shield Makes Erador invulnerable to one run and enragets all enemies within a radius of action.

You may find that the increase in Eradora is not as important as for others, depending on your preferred game style, but if you like the challenge, then you can leave its protective abilities in fear. In any case, use the strengths of Erador strategically to win.

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