The SC Prussian Münster picked up on the Flinger Broich with a narrow but deserved 1: 0 away win at the U23 from Fortuna Düsseldorf the spreadsheet in the Regionalliga West. 716 spectators – most of them from Münster – saw the Sunday game at Paul-Janees Stadium.

Numerous failures had to complain about the eagle carriers, the coaching team had to come up with a little against Fortunas Zwote. Schulze Niehues and Wegkamp had been positively tested on Corona, Dahlke and Borgmann missed sick, as well as bricks, who logged out at short notice. With 17 instead of the allowed 20 man, the Eaglerstross traveled to the Rhineland. Dedovic replace Schulze Niehues in the gate, in the four-chain shoves, shears, Hoffmeier and Hemmerich. On the six-time position Remberg should arrange the game, flanked from Ghindovean right and swadorf left. The offensive tripartite series formed Teklab, Langlitz and Thiel.

The story of the first passage is quickly told: no gates, barely scoring chances and a game that lost pace with increasing duration. The Prussians were actually good in it, placed the box after two minutes in person of Ghindovean for the first time. As a result, Münsterans also revealed a visual and playful superiority, but from which no capital could be beaten. Because overall, the door approaches were too timid. In the crucial moments, the ignition idea missed or simply a playstock. Langlitz was missing in direct duel against Fortuna-Keeper Gorka only centimeters, Ghindovean failed shortly before the pause whistle on the external network. Unfortunately, there was no more. Even the opponent invested very little in the game, aimed harmless twice.

With a change came the black and white greens from the cabin: Klann replace the already yellowed Remberg in the midfield center, after 55 minutes also came Bindemann and Deters for Langlitz and Thiel. Until the 64th, it took the first real opportunity, but that should finally lead to goal success. With pressure, our boys at the sixteenth, put themselves energetic. Finally, Teklab brought the leather dangerous and Ghindovean moved to 1: 0 lead. In the episode, the Münsteraner then also became clearly energetic in the two-fight guide and a purposeful in the offensive. Until the final whistle, this absolutely deserved leadership then thanks to good organization and clean defense work no longer in danger.

Data for the game

Position F95: Gorka – Uchino, Oberdorf, Vukanic, Göckan – Sussek (Mansfeld, 74.), Seven, Fink, Siadas (Hirschberger, 64.) – Bird (Niemiec, 70th), Lobinger

Position SCP: Dedovic – Schauers, Sherthing, Hoffmeier, Hemmerich – Ghindovean, Remberg (Klann, 46.), Schwadorf – Teklab, Langlitz (Bindemann, 57.), Thiel (Deters, 57.)

Goals: 0: 1 Ghindovean (64.)

Yellow Cards: Siadas / Remberg,

Referee: Robin Delfs

Viewers: 716