Last month, NCSOFT started sketching the contents of Throne and Liberty , its next MMORPG distributed on PC and Consoles – we knew so far under the code name * PROJECT TL * , before being completely redesigned. The South Korean developer promised to gradually unveil the originalities of the game and Throne and Liberty is revealed today in a first gameplay extract.


First official overview of MMORPG PC / Throne and Liberty Consoles

NCSOFT takes the opportunity to specify the fundamentals of its mmorpg, articulated around three great pillars: the world, the environment and players .

Throne and Liberty - Official Trailer

A vast open world

More concretely, Throne and Liberty immerses players in a vast open world of one piece (without loading screen between the zones) designed to enhance the exploration . According to NCSoft, some areas will be difficult to access, forcing players to be inventive to reach them. For example, Throne and Liberty incorporates a grapple system to reach height areas (the world is actually designed in three dimensions with high and low areas). The MMORPG mainly allows the character to turn into animals (terrestrial, maritime or air) and these characters will not be able to reach certain areas than in their animal form.

In the same spirit, the game incorporates fortress seats and players will have multiple options for taking a citadel : we can try frontal attacks to destroy the walls of a strong (for example by invoking Colossal Golems), but we can also try to infiltrate through the sewers to discreetly enter a strong place and conquer it from the inside.

dynamic environmental effects

The game also intends to stand out thanks to its environment: the game universe is dynamic, constantly evolving and players will have to adapt to this environment. Again, NCSoft gives examples: the game universe is subject to a day / night pace and a changing climate (sunny, rainy, windy, etc.) and Environmental conditions influence the gameplay .

Some monsters are daytime or nocturnal. More original, an archer should take into account the direction and speed of the wind before unchecking an arrow (the wind will for example determine the range of the blow). In the same spirit, a lightning spell will have different consequences depending on time: the spell will be targeted on a single target in sunny weather and will have zone effects in rainy weather.

massive contents

Finally, players are obviously at the heart of MMORPG’s mechanics to the extent that NCSOFT already promises massive content. The developer was known in Korea for his PVP play mechanics and the studio does not denounce them: Throne and Liberty will integrate large fortress seats . But the studio is also aware that more and more (and especially in the West), players are limited to cooperative content. Throne and Liberty will also include of BOSS raids that will require the cooperation of a very large number of players to overcome a colossal opponent. The studio also promises that these monsters are not only “pv bags” and even a massive raid will impose strategic mechanics – may not necessarily be very complex, but the studio evokes for example the mobilization of many players to influence Some environmental conditions (for example to invoke an eclipse, in order to enjoy night effects in full day).

It is understood, the mechanics of Throne and Liberty are intended to articulate the world as it exists at stake, the environmental effects that energize it and the choices of the players, so these three pillars influence each other. We will probably be curious to discover how the players will take ownership of this world and these mechanics when the time comes: Throne and Liberty must be the subject of a global launch during the second half of 2022.