Returnal: Ascension - Tower of Sisyphus Gameplay Trailer | PS5
It was the “western” surprise of the March 9, 2022, the major update of Returnal is again at the heart of the news, with a big gameplay video that PlayStation has just shared on its YouTube channel. For 18 minutes, we can finally discover this famous Tour de Sysiphe, whose concept is to mount everything at the top of this infernal tower, which has the particularity of not having an end. As the rest of the game, everything is properly generated so that we have ever feeling the same thing. That said, as we are dedicated to dying early, the idea is to surpass and succeed in dealing with the best algos, the end boss that obviously will take up the scope every time we face. History elements have been added also in this update, always with this subjective view that amplifies the moment and that should try to bring more answers. It is otherwise reminiscent that “Ascension” will allow to integrate cooperation mode, to have two and thus to make it easier for the task.

All this will be available from March 22 on PS5.