Last week we had the first trailer of the series of Obi-Wan, and thanks to that we were able to know many relevant details about the project. Not only will we have our first sight Live-Action of the Inquisitors , but we will also see a young man Luke Skywalker at tattooine . We already know who will be responsible for interpreting this iconic character, and that was the reaction of Mark Hamill. **

Mark Hamill reaction Luke Skywalker REDUB Returning Mandalorian Finale Star Wars

Hamill has always been quite active in Twitter , so he could not stay silent about the choice of the new actor who will give life to the character of him:

“Grant Feely Luce as a perfect version of Luky Skywalker and I wish him the best!”

It is definitely rare to see Luke be interpreted by someone else who is not Hamill , but this time it is fully understood. We do not know what such participation is going to have this Jedi in the series, although it will certainly be interesting to know a little more about Childhood.

The series of obi-WAN reaches Disney + May 25 of this year.

Editor’s note: In theory, Obi-Wan would not have to interact with this young Luke, although it is possible that he uses some kind of Jedi mental trick to do as if his conversation had never happened. I think this new series could overcome The Mandalorian as best to Star Wars in years.