Before the game, many had a little added to the Bielefelder. However, after the 0: 1 in Dortmund, it had to annoy something even something that it was not too countable. “We got great into the game, two, three smaller possibilities,” Alessandro accounted. “With the first really dangerous attack against us we got the 0: 1. We tried to take a point. In the end, we were not mandatory enough of the gate. We had one or the other smaller opportunity, did not use it. That’s why We had to go home without points. “

It was a decent appearance without a breakthrough. The unusual preparation for the game with eight, partly corona-related failures in the team had not been a reason for the defeat, so the Austrian. “Of course it was different because many players were not in the training business. The coach and two co-coaches have been g1. But in the end it was about the ones who play a good concept in the place. That We tried, we tried everything. “

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Lady, in the forward movement a central stabilizer in the Bielefeld game, had to honors like all with the ultimately missing goalkeeping of his team. “We had the degrees, but they were too central, so the goalkeeper could easily parry them. Sometimes the last good pass was missing, because we have played unclean and perhaps too sloppy to become even more dangerous. To 30 meters For the gate, we have combined well well. ” In the last third, however, it was over with the Bielefelder glory.

“Just horny, as you celebrated us”

Now it would like to look forward positively, the 28-year-old demands. “I hope we return one or the other again. And of course I hope that the coach comes back.” With the batch of the next game on Saturday in Mainz, the organized Bielefelder fans, which could decide to decide to return to the stadium at the beginning of the week. Already in Dortmund, 2500 trailers of the Ostwestphalia had taken care of the ranks for a good support, even after the game. “Just horny, as you celebrated us. That was definitely a goose bump torque,” says Schöpf. “Now it’s time to return the fans in the next few weeks and come up with ourselves.”