In Chocobo GP there are many content and ways to experience it. This includes characters, races, currency and more. As for the currency, there are three different types, including tickets. You may be wondering what tickets are and how to get them.

Tickets in-game currency in Chokobo GP. It is used to buy characters, skins, tickets, wallpaper and much more. Tickets are mostly used to configure the appearance of your riders, their vehicles and the background.

how to get tickets to chocobo gp

Tickets are the easiest currency that can be unlocked in Chocobo GP. Tickets can be obtained in different ways, and it can be done, just playing the game. This is how to get tickets to Chocobo GP .

  • Complete the head of history.
  • Perform additional plot missions.
  • Collect the crystal during the race.
  • Perform daily and weekly tasks.
  • Game in a series of races.

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You can easily earn tickets, just playing Chocobo GP. You can play certain modes to increase the speed of earning tickets, but you can wait until what you want does not appear in the in-game store.

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