One year after the opening of the Super Nintendo World section within the Universal Studios Japan leisure park, the Twitter account of the Universal Studios Hollywood Park confirms that it will in turn welcome an area dedicated to the Nintendo universe in 2023.

If we already knew that the parks of Hollywood and Orlando would be entitled to their Super Nintendo World, we still do not know for the moment how much the area and attractions will be similar or different from what is currently found in Japan. In the archipelago are currently two main attractions that are Mario Kart: Boswer’s Challenge and yoshi’s Adventure, while waiting for the Rolling Mountains based on Donkey Kong.

Super Nintendo World Opens Next Year 2023 @ Universal Studios Hollywood! (Happy Mar10 Day!)
According to the observations of the site Inside The Magic, the space for the Super Nintendo World Hollywood, however, would be less important than in Japan and the attraction Yoshi’s Adventure still lacked the call on the photos of the site dating from last year. Universal Studios Hollywood will not wait in any case not the opening before you start selling derivatives certified by the Kingdom Mushroom.