Amazon Games offers Lost Ark players a new package for Prime Gaming subscribers. From March 8 to April 5, 2022, Prime Gaming subscribers have the opportunity to obtain a new content package for adventure completely free.

Content Prime Gaming March 2022 for Lost Ark

Linking your Prime Gaming account to your Steam account, you have the possibility to get a free pack, finally if it can be said since it still involves a subscription to Prime Gaming, say “at no additional cost”. This package contains the following items for LOST ARK:

  • 5 days of crystalline aura
  • 1 Amethyst fragment package containing 500 fragments of amethyst
  • 1 Egg chest for pets

Details of the content of Prime Gaming March 2022

Glass aura

  • Triport Fee Waiver (reduces travel cost, thanks to free trips in Triport)
  • 50% discount on the boat (travel the seas easily thanks to the tickets at half price)
  • NPC +1 daily affinity interaction (increases the amount of times you can increase your affinity with a NPC every day)
  • Vital energy recovery +10% (fast recovery of vital energy used for skills such as hunting, killing and digging)
  • Bifrïröst +2 slot (two additional Bifröst slots that will help you return quickly to the places you have visited)
  • Return Chant -50% Cooling (Take Trips Home more often reducing the timeout waiting for Return Chant)
  • Research time of the fortress -10% (reduces the research time of the island’s strength projects)
  • Strength creation time -10% (reduces the creation time of the island’s strength projects)
  • Expedition time to the fortress -10% (reduces the shipping time by sending followers out of your strength)
  • Fortress Action Energy Recovery Speed ​​-10% (renew your energy to complete projects on your Fortress Island Faster)
  • Free Ultimate Fortress Anti-Stress (installs a special scarecrow in your strength to increase your leveling speed)
  • Title Crystal Benefactor (enjoy the exclusive character title Crystal Aura, Crystal Benefactor)

Lost Ark Prime Gaming Deal | Get exclusive content for Lost Ark with Prime

Amethyst fragments

Amethyst fragments can be exchanged in the game by certain items that can not be obtained differently. Here is the complete list of rewards associated with this coin, as well as its price:

Cofre egg for pets

This chest contains three passive pets. You can only choose one, think about it:

      • Publier: Egg pink **
  • Chop Chop: Blue Egg
  • Bong Bong: Yellow egg

These pets have the particularity (negative) of having a single skill, instead of the two usual ones offered by these small pets.

Link your Twitch accounts, Prime Gaming and Steam

As a reminder, to access this exclusive booty, you must link your Prime Gaming account to your Steam account and then to your Twitch account. To do this :

  1. Go to the page dedicated to the Account Association
  2. Click on “ Log in ” on the first line to log in to your Amazon account
  3. Click on “ Account Association ” on the second line to associate your Steam account with your Amazon account
  4. Click on “Link account of Steam ” and then confirm your Steam account, starting session on it
  5. Click on “ Made
  6. Click on “ Request Booty ” and then pick up booty to get your Prime Gaming boot into Lost Ark directly