Actually, Update 3.3 for Battlefield 2042 should be published in February. “To ensure that the quality of the update is improved and other changes can be added,” but the release was postponed. Now it’s time to finally, and the patch will be unlocked for all platforms in the course of the day, on which Battlefield 2042 is available: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC.

These are the most important innovations for Battlefield 2042

The scoreboard: Even if DICE has added some changes since the shift, the most important innovation remains the improved scoreboard. The score was now divided into teams in certain modes and should be generally clearer. But that’s probably the beginning, because the studio wants to make further optimizations on the user interface over time – so continue to give diligently feedback.

Exclusive Item Bundle: Who owns the Gold Edition, the Ultimate Edition, the year 1 Season Pass or a subscription at EA PLAY, gets the legendary “steadfast” Bundle from the Battlefield team from today. Who is eligible, can include the objects on the collection and player card screens, as soon as Update 3.3 is live.

The bundle contains the following items:

  • Skin “no resistance” for Mackay
  • Weapon Skin “Grasshopper” for the K30
  • Weapon Skin “Fast Hammer” for the M44
  • Vehicle-skin “iron car” for the M5C Bolte
  • Melee Weapons Skin “Ribkezler”
  • Player Card Background “Resolut”

Battlefield 2042 Got a REAL SCOREBOARD! Battlefield 2042 Update 3.3 Today (New Patch)
* The steadfast player card icon

All German patch notes to update 3.3


  • In January, we presented our plans for revision of the score-UI based on proposals of the community. Through your feedback, it became clear that more work and time were needed to ensure that the first version of the revised score has already fulfilled your expectations. Since then we have collected your feedback and are now ready to implement the update together with this update.
  • The game overview has been improved and placed on the left side of the screen. In addition to your current ingame ping, information about the game, target progress and tickets as well as personal statistics such as kills, assists and losses will be displayed.
  • The score now has a placed team-counter-team view for certain team modes such as conquest, breakthrough, Rush and Team Deathmatch. In addition, the loss statistics were recorded.
  • These two changes belonged to your most common elements. But this version of the score is only the beginning, we will continue to improve it on the basis of your feedback on later updates. This includes the availability of the score on the screens at the end of the round.


  • A game crash has been fixed, which could occur on Origin or Xbox One, if you used an Xbox One Controller when logging in or unsubscribe
  • In order for the setting of the “chat” button assignment becomes effective, no restart of the game is required
  • Target aid to console has been customized to ensure that the system works even if analog sticks operate at 100% of its range. So far, it was only in distances under 100% active
  • An error has been fixed, by the TakeDowns on Xbox One and PlayStation4® did not lead to a kill
  • New location of our EU data center in Frankfurt


  • Conquest & Break – An error has been fixed through which the EP event “goal is saved” was triggered, even if a conquest point was already fully conquered
  • Hazard Zone – A graphic error has been fixed by which trupp members were displayed during the “game” sequence
  • Hazard Zone – An error has been fixed, which sometimes the EP was not triggered at the end of the round

Source: EA

BF 2042 has quite problems since the launch:

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Season 1 continues to wait

There are probably still published some updates for Battlefield 2042 before finally the starting signal for Season 1 sounds. Only when the shooter is in an acceptable state, EA and DICE want to end the pre-season and go to the full. When that will be the case, we can not say certainly. You probably will have to wait until the summer.

Do you still play Battlefield 2042 or you have already jumped?