Re-wave hopping Leonie Walter has sensationally won the second German gold medal at Paralympics in Beijing. The 18-year-old triumphed on the middle distance in the biathlon in the class of visually impaired in 41: 21.0 minutes, after faultless shooting, it was in a heartbeat for 3.7 seconds before the Ukrainian Oxana Schischkowa. Previously, the athlete had already bronze from the SC St. Peter with Guide Pirmin Strecker in the Biathlon Sprint and on the unloved classical long distance in the cross-country skiing.

“I was in the finish, have waited and did not know if it was enough. At some point everyone jumped up, then I was clear to me, ‘Ok, I’ve got it,” said Walter in ZDF: “With a faultless shooting one has ever done one Bonus, then it runs much easier. Without the good shoot it would not have succeeded. “

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Beginning start, spotless on the shooting range

Walter started behavior in the race, worked with her flawless shooting but always forward. On the final round, the favorite Ukrainian made up for her two criminal trials again huge ground well, but the German saved himself after 10 kilometers with a thin upholstery. Her team-collegant Johanna Recktenwald landed with a residue of 5: 03.4 minutes and three shooting errors in fourth place, to bronze missed a good three minutes.

Walter completed the German medal set on Tuesday. Previously, Martin Fleants had already won silver in the sitting class, Anja Wicker brought in the same starting class at the women’s bronze. “On the route a complete medal set, that goes beyond all expectations,” said DBS-President Friedhelm Julius Boucher.

swing kiss on the tattoo

Flag carrier fleeight won silver despite two shooting errors. The Freiburg was in the target 46 seconds behind the winner Liu Mengtao from China. Third was the Ukrainian Tara’s wheel.

“I’m Mega relieved and Superhappy,” said the Paralympics winner over 15 km from Pyeongchang, who had previously been in China five and nine. The silver medal now devoted his wife Stefanie. In the finish he shaped a heart with his hands and kissed that on the pulps tattooed S. “I’m totally glad that she is in my side. Without her, I would not have done it today,” said far: “in the last round I realized how slowly the puff out, but I just only thought of you. Also in the finish she was in my head. “