The people of the Destiny Studio Bungie do not work exclusively on the Loot Shooter Space Epo, which has been well and known for years. What exactly the Bungista but away from Destiny 2 and those after the Wexenkenigin (at least) still planned extensions Lightfall and The Final Shape , which is in the dark. So far known was known only one name, Matter, which the responsible persons of Bungie secured in 2018 . Every now and then seems to dribble something to Matter through the internet, but generally ramps radio stylish. Maybe but now new job advertisements give more information on the new bungie project. [H2]

Could be a eSport-compatible teamshooter? [/ H2] The golden era of the teamshooter may be over, but it can not be discovered that games like Counter Strike, Valorant, Apex, Overwatch, Battlefield or Call of Duty Unbroken Popular pleasure. Say: Teamshooters are abundantly popular, and more popular are maximum only Battle-Royale shooters such as Fortnite, Pubg and more. Yes, Teamshooter and Battle Royale, which is now like sand by the sea and it’s hard to secure yourself there is a niche, if you do not have a sparkling innovation idea.

Do the people of Bungie want to fall on the genre despite all the destiny success? It’s all possible. There are currently several job postings for an unannounced Project on the job offering website from Bungie (via We are looking for all kinds of designers also a lot of technical expertise. In a tender for a temporary job as a Level Designer, for example, it is said that after “experience in building and developing a multiplayer level is searched for a PVP game”, and that a “familiarity with the competitive game landscape / sports” ( So espport) for an applicant would be beneficial.

Again and again suggests, from the vacancies bungies that the next project of the studio could become a competitive teamshooter. The only question is whether bungie is still at right time at the right place, or whether the train is already driving away or the market is completely overflowing. What do you think?

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