The requirement against the bottom of the table was “to win two-fighting and be high in the pressing”, which the elevent of Daniel Thiune succeeded. The coach found in the press conference after the game also praising words for the Schanzer, who had last “good games had made and achieved brutal results. It was especially to prevent the switching moments.”

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This project puts the team well on the lawn over long stretches. In addition, she benefited from dream start by Daniel Ginczek: “Early Gate, Optimal Time”, was the short, like crisp description of the leadership at 3: 0 success.

Ginczek’s headball goal brought the Fortuna to the winning road and gave her the points eight, nine and ten under thioude, but already warned of the last match days of the season: “There are results every year that you do not expect. We have to do that Focus to further retrieve our performance. “

Fortuna develops “energy with the ball”

Thiome often calls performance and energy in the same breath. Energy can be used to the coach but “not only develop in the defensive, but also in the game with the ball and that I liked it today.”

And suddenly, the hitherto so sober analyzing coaches came something out of his skin and praised a player at which he has spent some sequences specifically today. Center Defense Jordy de Wijs “threw himself in the booth of 3: 0 with his grasses again – that was really cool. So that must be.”

Until the new coach really respires, the Fortuna must first crack the notorious 40-point mark first. After today’s three, she has 30 points on the account and first “ten important points”. ” Another three counters could follow the next Saturday at the SC Paderborn (13.30, live! At Thiune).