At MediaMarkt you can get the Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe 5G with 128 GB of memory now favorably to the mobile phone contract. If you conclude the tariff O2 Free M Boost with 40 GB data volume (LTE or 5G, maximum 300 Mbps) as well as telephone and SMS flatrate for 34.99 euros a month, you get the smartphone for only one euro. If you come from another provider and taking your phone number, you can even save yourself 100 Euro change bonus , which is counted as a discount at your monthly cost. Here you will find the Tarifdeal:

Tariff offer: Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe with 40 GB data volume at Mediamarkt

How cheap is the tariff offer from MediaMarkt?

Total costs: For a monthly basis price of 34.99 euros, you pay 839.76 euros in the two years of the minimum contract period. In addition, the usual connection fee of 39.99 euros, the unique device price of one euro and shipping costs of 3.95 euros. Your total cost for the first two years are 884.70 euros. If you take the 100 Euro change bonus, still 784.70 euros.

Savings: The Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe gets you at MediaMarkt individually for 699 euros. The tariff O2 Free M Boost with 40 GB currently costs without mobile phone directly at o2 34.99 euros a month, comparable mobile phone contracts can be found but also for 29.99 euros per month. If you give you the contract and the smartphone at these prices individually, you pay 1,418.76 euros in two years, possible connection fees. With the tariff offer at MediaMarkt you will come even without the 100 Euro change bonus over 500 euros cheaper.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE | 120Hz scherm en een 32 megapixel camera: deze telefoon is een POWERHOUSE!

Tariff offer: Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe with 40 GB data volume at Mediamarkt

What does the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE offers?

Display: The Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe 5G is a cheaper version of the Samsung Galaxy S21 from 2021, published in early January 2022. It still gets an Amoled display with 120 Hz and a resolution of 1,080 x 2,400 pixels. With 6.4 inches instead of 6.2 inches, it is a bit bigger than normal Galaxy S21.

Chipset: In the version offered by Mediamarkt, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE uses the Snapdragon 888 chipset. This cuts in comparison to the Exynos 2100, which is used in the European version of the normal Samsung Galaxy S21, a little better in benchmarks, despite lower clock frequency. This is both on the better GPU as well as that the Snapdragon 888 keeps its performance longer, while the Exynos 2100 breaks stronger for prolonged use under high load.

Disadvantages: Of course, with the cheaper price compared to the normal Samsung Galaxy S21 but also disadvantages. So you get here only 6 instead of 8 GB of memory. Even with the main lens of the camera was saved. Instead of 8K, only 4K videos are now possible.

Tariff offer: Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe with 40 GB data volume at Mediamarkt

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