Werner knew exactly that it had not been a completely successful appearance. “It’s not that we delivered a stable home game,” the coach said to “Sky”, but the individual quality has decided the game. The 33-year-old monistored to simple ball losses, too little clarity and lack of compactness. However, it is by no means self-evident to win, because everyone could beat everyone, and eventually delivered his team. In short: With the result, Werner was satisfied, in performance it was “a lot of air upwards”. The Bremer coach spoke overlooking the table of a good starting position, you want to “march further in front”.

Speaking table. Matchwinner Niclas Füllkrug was asked if the look was satisfied with it – and also the fact, Schalke and the HSV have distanced. “I still do not look at it, I’m looking forward to us,” said the attacker, who has increased his goal account with his double pack for 2: 1 success to 13 hits.

Nevertheless, you stand there on the square and is relatively sure to come back.

Niclas Füllkrug

The Routinian arranged the appearance of his team like his coach: “From the game, more, we have to make clearer,” the attacker showed itself self-critical. “We were awakened by a corner goal in the 2nd minute. That must not happen to us.” The fact that the self-esteem is grown through the success series under Werner – in ten games under which the green-white 28 meters had grown, clarifies Füllkrug’s aftertractions: “Nevertheless, there is in the square and is relatively sure to come back.”

Füllkrug is of course clear that the race for the rise has not yet been decided. “There are many teams that score up sovereign,” knows the 29-year-old. But also: “Good that we are currently belonging to it.”