[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] The Reporter of Kyung Hyun Jin Riot Games Korea won the Changbi Credit Cemented Corporation in the Market Precautions, celebrating the “Day of the 56th Taxpayer”.

The Representative of Guili was selected as a good tax assistance to complying the achievement of national finances through transparent accounting treatment. The corporation tax that Riot Games paid by 2020 is 53.3 billion won, and it is more attentioned to the permanent taxpayer through a faithful tax payment for a foreign company.

Joe representative is that “It is aimed at providing the best experience to the player, and it was already over 10 years,” he has already entered the Korean market, “he said.” We believe that all of our cultural heritage is thought to be a natural role.

Riot Games, which serves ‘League Obrale’, continued a steady investment in the field of Korean cultural heritage protection and support fields and Korea’s e-sports field.

In the case of the “Korean Cultural Heritage Protection and Support” Korean Cultural Heritage Protection and Support for 10 years this year, in the case of social reduction projects, the cumulative donations supported by the Ministry of Culture Heritage Administration are only over W6.8bn. As a private enterprise, the only 5 cultural assets include a total of five cultural assets, including the leading to the exploration of the Korea Cultural Properties, and the inclusion of a total of five cultural assets, including the cost of reincarnation, and received a report in the cultural property.

In addition, about 1,600 square meters of E-Sports facilities ‘Rol Park’ are opened in 2011 and operated the League of Lol Champions Korea (LCK, LOL Champions Korea), We conducted a steady investment for. During the season, the world viewers are over 4 million for the world, and more than half of them are overseas viewers.

SB19 at Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines 2019 Guerilla K-Night!

Meanwhile, the National Tax Service is a modern and operator who faithfully fulfills the tax payment obligations and contributed to the national finance on March 3 every year.