BENQ ZOWIE Flagship model “ XL2546K ” has a 24.5 inch, 240 Hz, response speed with TN panel, GTG0.5MS, and a desired specification specification to the locus of flagship It is a gaming monitor.

A model for professional models that incorporates a lot of needs of FPS’s profile and standing at Gamer at various parts.

Recently, due to the influence of coronavirus, it is difficult to carry out an offline tournament, and many tournaments change to the online tournament format, but in such a situation Top player. The XL2546K gives the same environment as the players standing on the forefront of such a scene. Let’s introduce its attraction immediately.

E-SPORTS What kind of monitor is asked

In e-SPORTS, the gaming monitor requested by the player is very different from the general product. I also have a professional for a CRT (CRT tube) display, or in the times, such as a CRT (Brown tube) display, and how to do it with a 60 Hz LCD, but now It was “a quick response speed”, “fast refresh rate”, and if it could be added to it, but it was “the ease of view of the screen”. We want to use products that are primarily as high-performance products that are mainly available from visual and hearing.

# Touch high-spec XL2546K

This product is also called BenQ’s flagship model, and all aspects are in high level. The stand is even more miniaturized with a function that specializes in gaming such as 240 Hz high-speed refresh rate, such as 240 Hz high-speed refresh rate.

The input terminal is HDMI 2.0 x3, DISPLAYPORT 1.2 X1, headphone jack. The USB MINI port is used for applications such as “S. SWITCH” that facilitates monitor settings.

When placing a keyboard mouse in front of the display, it is designed to be closer to the screen or placing diagonally, and it is designed to be able to get a space to put the mouse pad. This makes it easier to use large mouse pads and makes it easy to get close to the screen when concentrated.

And one of the major characteristics of the height adjustment and free tilt that extended than conventional products. The tilt is expanded to 23 degrees and the height adjustment is also engraved on the stand. This can always match the same height, and there is no doubt that it will be useful for players who are measuring distance and height by measuring. In addition, it also comes with an eye shield (feather attached to the left and right) with a luxury machine, and it is also safe to be a user who is worried about the light source such as direct sunlight during daytime.

# Help Benq Zowie Features to Help Gameplay

This monitor is equipped with several game modes. Among them, three FPS modes are prepared and can be used by the title.

“BLACK EQUALIZER” is a feature that brightens dark and visibility. Unlike when the luminance is raised, it is characterized by that it does not change the impression of the overall game screen, as it brighter the dark place.

The conventional “DYAC” is optimized for response speed 0.5 ms, and also “DYAC +” is also equipped to reduce the brows of the graded screen. The ability to reduce the afterimage of the screen reduces visibility in intense mouse movement, recoil control, quick move, etc.

You can also install the “Color Vibrance” that implements the screen digital vibrability on the graphic board setup for the proplayer, and you can easily adjust the screen saturation. Since the optimal value differs depending on each title or player only for this function, it is also a point to combine FPS mode 1 to 3, etc., and prepare the best scene for each game.

# 240 Hz is experienced with actual gameplay!

I’m always thinking that the high refresh rate is different from the movement of the desktop mouse, but also it is the same for 240 Hz. There is a memory that was moved even at 60 Hz → 144 Hz, but this is no longer surprising. While holding such feelings, I will check the feeling of use in the PC version “Apex Legends”.

In order to review it with a former player, I would like to take a look at the play time and make a review while checking for more details.

As you know, the PC version “APEX Legends” is not a light title. I can not play with 240 fps sticking in the author’s environment, and depending on the scene, it drops to about 100 fps. I think some people think that you do not want to take advantage of the 240 Hz high-speed refresh rate, but it is thought that it is evaluated based on what happens with more realistic FPS values ​​rather than ideal theory I hope you can.

This time I am playing with casual Storm Point and Kings Canyon, Rank Olympus, and also in various situations including control mode.

As a general impression, the refresh rate is higher than the 144 Hz monitor made by the author, and the screen is smooth. Although FPS can not make full use of about 120-180 and 240 Hz, there is also a response speed of 0.5 ms or clearly, and it is clear that the recoil control and tracking aim are easy to do, and the enemy is likely to be easier.

On the other hand, in the other hand, it is very easy to see and around “DYAC +” and “Black Equalizer”, and there is also a technology “AMA (Advanced Motion Accelerator)” that reduces the feeling of anation, so even if you move the mouse large quickly, smoothly Even if you move small, you will not be worried about the feeling of afterimage of the screen. It can be seen that the ease of viewing is clearly improved from the lower model. Although it is an existing function, it is also overwhelmingly different from the “Black Equalizer” ON and OFF, and the appearance of the entire screen is completely different, and AMA feels like it is an essential function.

Although it is this product with various functions that can be taken over from existing products, it is limited to that the screen is drawn smoothly as the screen is brought together. If you are a user who feels value here, I think that there is a meaning to consider the introduction. If you actually borrow for review and try trial, the feelings of the author are already shaking.

# Distribute the original setting data of Gem Spa! It can be shared with friends

First of all, we introduce software “XL Setting to Share” to share the setting of this product. This software can play in the setting of the same screen by reading the setting file published by a profile or a favorite player. Also, by exporting, you can use your settings to other players. Currently, the BenQ Zowie’s official site has published settings file optimized for standard titles by team ZOWIE.

This time, we have prepared an easy-to-use setting file for any game. Please download and try.

Download is here

# If you want to incorporate the highest gaming environment

This product is a product that has been released on October 9, 2020 and a product that has been a bit has passed since the release, but I felt that I actually used this time is the author who pulled from the competition player, someday I want to introduce…… What is a high spec. It was understood that the difference between the refresh rate is bigger than I imagined.

I was originally a user from before becoming BenQ Zowie, so it is a difficult position compared to a lot of people, but if it says, it is a reason why BenQ Zowie products are the top brand of gaming monitor, that is, product You can say himself because you are experiencing the quality, stability, etc.

According to BenQ, “XL2546K” has a large number of queries that they want them to be used as official equipment from various tournaments. It is only a large potential for this monitor, and it will be recognized by many proficants when you pull out performance.

“XL2546K” of such a professional is being sold at a fixed price of 64,800 yen (tax included).

BENQ ZOWIE XL2546K is here