You saw the shitstorm already on the horizon before he arrived: The developers of Pokémon Go have made a change on the functionality of the item’s smoke to the launch of the alola season – we reported about it. After all, it is not a real Stealth-Nerf, the people of Niantic filed by the smoke change quasi in the second in which she was live. And that’s why it was a Stealth-Nerf, because Pokémon Go coach community was no chance to discuss the change in advance. And that’s why people of Pokémon Go – once again – once – a small shitstorm that swirls through the Internet. Community Management at it’s best.

How was the smoke changed?

Smoke was improved in the Corona bonuses in its effectiveness if your Avatar is not moving. Theoretically that looks like this: With Corona Standstill bonus, smoke has lured a Pokémon every 90 seconds. With the current change, it attracts Pokémon only every five minutes at standstill.

But waits, the duration was extended? Yes, that’s right. Smoke now stops 90 minutes and no longer “only” 60 minutes. However, this does not save the math behind it, such as Pokémon-Go-Fan Joe Merrick Certificate on Twitter: “1 Spawn are every 90 seconds (in 60 minutes) 40 spawns per smoke. 1 Spawn are every 5 minutes (in 90 minutes) 18 spawns per minute. “

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And again players in rural areas have the look…

Players who can not be so mobile due to a variety of limitations, the same rain as well as players in rural areas that, however, have a reduced spawnchance. In rural areas, unfortunately, there are rarely only pokéstops or arenas, so that it is hardly attractive in addition to reduced wilderness spawns anyway to frolic out there before the door.

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The least “cool” is again the procedure of the developers of Pokémon Go. The smoke adaptation, which were communicated in the blog post “upcoming changes to exploration boni in Pokémon Go”, were absolutely under the blog post madness. The contribution with the changes was the first of six and was washed down by the ALOLA contributions. Especially since the people of Pokémon Go do not even have to be left to share this post over the Twitter channels of Pokémon Go with the community – is the most popular social media channel of Niantic.

Say: At the end of the day, that was again communication technology a shot in the oven. You would have announced the change at least with leaders and can place them well visibly. So many players learned from the adapted smoke only when they led the hashtags to the already inflamed discussion on Twitter.

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