Just last week, Sony revealed the first official look at the headset of PSVR2 . Sadly, the Japanese company did not offer additional details as their possible release date, but according to a new report, this increased reality device will not be arriving at our hands in this 2022.

Via youtube , the channel psvr without parole explains that PSVR2 is currently scheduled to debut up to the first quarter of 2023, that is, Sony plans to launch it between January and March of the next year. According to this means, the information comes from sources that are familiar with the internal development of this device, but in the same way, it is better to take the information with reservation.

Apparently, s Ony is taking his time with PSVR2 due to the strong sales and scarcity of the PlayStation 5 . Although this console came out at the end of 2020, acquiring one of them is still a quite complex task to date, so the Japanese firm will wait a bit more so that there is a larger installed base that can boost the sales of this new device of augmented reality.

PlayStation VR2 Release Window Revealed | PSVR2 Breaking News

Editor’s note: I did expect PSVR2 to arrive this year, although obviously until the end. It would not make much sense that Sony will reveal its design and official features all so that the device was going to leave until 2023, but at this point everything can happen.