Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pane (hereinafter referred to as MgSv: TPP) ” “9 years of coma” Netameme was a trend of trends in Japan twitter. As a result of retweets and posts by many users, the memium finally arrived under Hideo Kojima who worked on the series.

“MGSV: TPP” is an action game launched in 2014. As a genre, it is inserted as “Tactical Espionage Operation”. In this work, the player will be the main character “Venom Snake” and will carry out various missions in a wide range of freedom. In addition, the “Metal Gear Solid” series is also highly evaluated on the story, and even a solid story full of surprise is also expanded.

Among many attractions, one of the most impressive scenes, especially the impressive scene, is a awakening scene from “Nine-year coma” at Cyprus hospital. First of all, when you start the introductory chapter, the main character can not be acquired in a state of sleeping on the bed. He is looking at the student and the doctor will come out there. The situation will be explained while saying that the attending physician is gently talked. The main character was in a coma state, and that the first five years of the month of the work “Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zelose” have passed. Naturally, it is not a good idea, and the main character is randomized by a geek and is thrilled by injection. This scene is also used by the trailer when this work was officially announced, and the fans will be surprised and remembered.

Such awakening scenes have suddenly begun to be noticed as a meme on Twitter in Japan from mid-February. It is seen that it is a Twitter post on February 16 by Shirakami Tennor, who can be seen from the beginning of this epidemic. His posted a meme that conveys sad news that the series of popular cartoons “HUNTER × HUNTER” has not been resumed for four years, along with the image of the awakening scene. The tweets are also collecting echoes very much and have been retweeted over 40,000 at the time of writing.

And on the 18th, Mr. Enigma, who is a videos that specializes with voice imitation, passing a video with a voice. A voice actor who plays a doctor who is a voice actor who is a voice actor Mr. Otsuka’s voice and read more and more topics. Furthermore, Mr. Nakata Nakata, who voice actor, also picked up this voice imitation on his own Twitter account, and praised as “I often caught the characteristics of Otsuka Hoshino”.

There are such circumstances, and many users are currently posting a “coma” memmercreen memoriship around Twitter. It seems that among the users, mainly “I’m waiting for you, but no events that have not happened yet” are sent. As an example, patterns such as “new works of games and video works have not come out for several years.” I’m an easy-to-use memorous memorial that can be sublimed to laugh at the persimmon look at the perspective of the Venome Snake, which twist the thumbs.

A large number of attending doctor’s post seems to have entered the eyes of Mr. Hideo Kojima, a leader of the Metal Gear series. His is a comment when the video of the awakening scene is sent again late March 1st. He says, “What is it? “MGSV: TPP” is a work released in 2014 and is a work about 8 years ago. Oshima coach was also surprised at the coma meme who suddenly woke up suddenly.

Now one of the reasons why the coma meme showed the epidemic, there will be an impact of the scene itself, which remains in the fans even after a long time. “Metal Gear” series is also in a difficult state, such as Mr. Kojima’s independence, and the realization of the main series sequel is difficult. Next year, “MGSV: TPP” will reach the 9th anniversary of the launch, and the doctor may shake the fans’ minds in the knowledge of 9 years.