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Kamiwaza: The remill of the forgotten PS2 game will come out at home

Let’s take a look at the acquired catalog: the world knew Tenchu, the world knew Shinobido, the world knew Way of the Samurai, but only Japan had the right to play in Kamiwaza at his exit on August 31, 2006 on Playstation 2. An abnormality of being corrected since a remill named Kamiwaza: Way of the Thief will come out all over the world this fall on PS4, SWITCH and STEAM. Thanks WHO ? Thank you Nippon ICHI.

In appearance, the protagonist of Kamiwaza may be less honorable than a talented Ninja or a proud samurai, but if Ebizo flies, it’s only the rich and to take care of his loved ones, who is said to himself.. Celting a way during the Edo era, in the year 1800 more exactly, this former Réconverti thief took place in particular affection for the young Suzuna, the only survivor of a first burglary having shot. But when his little protégé gets sick, Ebizo has no choice but to put on the thief’s outfit again to harvest what to pay the treatment of the one who became his adoptive daughter.

Forgotten PS2 Games #2

Kamiwaza: Way of the Thief is therefore a game of action / infiltration in which the decision-making decisions will have an influence on the course of history, the essential question being to know how far ebizo is capable of go for the one expensive. Kamiwaza: Way of the Thief will release this fall at a price of 40 euros on PS4, Switch and Steam, box and download. The game will be doubled in Japanese with texts in English.


Kamiwaza: Way of the Thief – Trailer

All rules and restrictions on Pokemon Go Cat Cup

Tea Capture Cup of Pokémon Go has come as part of Pokémon Go Battle League. While some of these glasses are simpler with their rules and restrictions, Catch Cup mixes a little, severely limiting the Pokémon that you can add to your list for battle.

What is the Catch Cup?

Pokémon Go: everything you need to know in 9 minutes

Catch Cup is the last competition in Pokemon Go Battle League, but players can only use Pokémon captured between certain dates.

Even then, not all captured Pokémon can be added to your list, since there is also a maximum CP that Pokémon may have to be eligible for the CATCH Cup.

Rules and restrictions of Pokémon Go Cat Cup

The Rules and Restrictions of Catch Cup are the following:

  • Only the Pokémon captured between March 29, 2022 and April 5, 2022 can be added to your list.
  • Pokémon can not exceed 1500 cp to be eligible.
  • You can not use mythical Pokémon, regardless of your CP or when they are traveled. The full list of prohibited Pokémon is:
    • dark
    • Genesecto.
    • Hoopa
    • Meloetta
    • Victini.
    • ZARDE.

Tips to get the best equipment for the Catch Cup

The best thing you can do is continue starting session in the game every time you have a little free time and use incense in your current location so that Pokémon comes to you, instead of having to pursue them for your local area.

We also recommend using LURES in any near Poke Stops to attract more Pokémon for a limited period of time.

When you have caught a Pokémon, make sure you do not upload it from level to more than 1500 cp with your candy and Stardust.

Also, keep in mind that you can use Pokémon captured in field research tasks, incursions or who have been born of eggs between March 29 and April 5, which gives you the opportunity to add some really strong Pokémon to your list.

There you have everything you need to know about the Catch Cup. You can see more of our Pokemon GO guides below.

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Kirby test and the forgotten world

Kirby and the forgotten world begins while a large part of the Kirby planet is sucked through a dimensional fault. If the first image of the planet on which the game takes place is a beach on which Kirby wakes up (which is a wink at the opening of Link’s Awakening, as free that pleasant), we are at a distance tutorial The real decor waiting for us: the ruins of a modern world with skyscrapers, cars, distributors of drinks, etc.

The DA is very successful. If in Mario Odyssey , I’ve always found that New Donk City was jurowdling with the world of Mario and did not drink, I never had such a feeling in Kirby and the forgotten world. They managed to propose a DA that the two universes get married very well, while preserving a more realistic aspect to this post-apocalyptic world that what Dreamland had us had. And this throughout the adventure and different regions (each with a clean atmosphere) crossed. There are even some moments when the proposed scene (decorations, light) made me make a small stop to contemplate.

Once past the tutorial, we discover that the waddle-dees, also transported in this world, are removed by the premises. We then jump on our faithful star and we leave all save them.

The selection of the level takes this time by an overworld in which one can walk around, closed on our star. Our exploration is limited to unlocked areas and there is not much to do apart from a mission, a challenge or, sometimes, search a place to find some pieces or unveil a hidden challenge. It is possible to go through a menu to select a destination on the map and teleports. But this one is accessible only from the map. Leaving the village, we necessarily arrive at the beginning of the last unlocked area.

Indeed, once the waddle-dees saved during a mission, they all head to a base camp they are building little by little, giving access to various mini-games, a arena, distributors of collection figurines, some services and especially a craftsman able to improve the powers, but we will talk again later. Some stages of construction are related to progression in history and others are related to the number of waddle-dees saved (the game is quite wide there and we save without forcing much more waddle-dees than necessary for everything unlock).


The waddle-dees to save are only in the missions: it must be saved 3 to simply end the mission, between 3 and 5 are hidden through the mission (the number is indicated at the beginning of the mission) and 3 others are released By fulfilling for everyone a secret goal undergoing mission. These secret goals vary not bad from one mission to another (find a hidden area, beat a mini-boss with a certain power, beat a boss without taking damage, etc.). For a goal asking to perform an action several times, it is enough to perform the action once for the objective to be unveiled. And if at least one objective has not been discovered at the end of the mission, the first unveiled Secret Objective is automatically unveiled to facilitate completion if you want to redo the mission.

Some mission passages with the car, the Deltaple or the Russian mountain wagon propose at the end of just starting this passage rather than imposing to redo all the mission.

If the missions are the content a little classic, the challenges are added to that. It is a relatively short content in which Kirby is tested on the use of power (allowing to discover unknown aspects of certain powers as this episode lacks a complete description of each power). There are different degrees of difficulty, but it’s usually quite feasible. The challenge occurs above all when you want to beat the proposed time goal. It must be generally necessary to regain several times to optimize its actions. However, achieving this additional goal does not have great interest: finishing the challenge reports, the first time, a rare star (necessary to improve its powers) and finish under this optional goal of time reports, the first time, 50 pieces, resource basic game that is found anywhere (for example, a mission with 2-300 pieces).

Précisons que le jeu propose de jouer dans deux difficultés, une plus facile et une plus difficile. La plus facile propose des ennemis légèrement plus faibles et donne plus d’objets de soin. La plus difficile propose des ennemis légèrement plus résistants et récompense de quelques pièces supplémentaires. La différence entre les deux est assez subtile et l’avantage apporté par le mode plus difficile n’est pas transcendant. Quelque soit le mode choisi, la difficulté est clairement surmontable (le contraire aurait été étonnant dans un Kirby). Avec une progression plus maîtrisée de celle-ci que dans d’autre opus.


Si Kirby évolue cette fois sur trois dimensions, le principe du jeu reste assez similaire : un bouton pour attaquer (aspirer ou utiliser le pouvoir), un pour sauter/flotter, un pour abandonner son pouvoir et deux (les gâchettes) pour parer (et faire un dash).

Malheureusement, le jeu ne laisse le choix qu’entre deux configurations de touches plutôt que de laisser les modifier librement. Et, étrangement, si tout le long du jeu les interactions se font avec un appui de bouton ou un maintien de bouton, il y a un moment à la fin du jeu où il est demandé de masher les boutons, ce qui n’est pas idéal en terme d’accessibilité.

Entre la 3D et l’environnement de ruines de monde moderne, on a le droit à des niveaux assez intéressants, avec une construction de ceux-ci qui change pas mal des opus précédents. Et ce de façon plutôt positive. Avec notamment des secrets suffisamment cachés pour qu’on voit que c’est sensé être caché (et qu’on puisse parfois en rater), mais suffisamment visibles pour qu’on puisse les détecter en faisant un peu attention et sans avoir à se reposer sur un guide pour compléter le jeu.

Les espaces sont également plus larges, plus ouverts. Une solution assez élégante pour éviter de casser le jeu est de limiter l’altitude maximale du vol de Kirby en fonction de celle de son point de départ : il peut atteindre un endroit en sautant du haut d’une caisse, mais ne vole pas assez haut pour l’atteindre en partant du sol par exemple. Par contre, on a également régulièrement des murs invisibles, modélisés par des obstacles que Kirby pourrait aisément passer, mais qu’il ne peut pas surmonter.

Avec des zones plus ouvertes, le risque de chute est plus présent. Notamment lorsqu’on utilise le transmorphisme, pendant lequel on ne saute pas de la même façon et surtout pendant lequel on perd le vol. Heureusement, le jeu se contente de nous remettre sur le dernier endroit solide sur lequel on s’est tenu et de nous faire perdre un peu de vie (mécanique classique dans pas mal de jeu, mais dans les Kirby, la chute est généralement fatale). La mort n’arrive que lorsqu’on perd tous ses points de vie. Là encore, le jeu n’est pas très punitif puisqu’il nous fait perdre 100 pièces et ne nous fait pas recommencer depuis le tout début du niveau, mais au début de l’endroit où on est mort.

Là où le bat blesse avec cette évolution en 3D est qu’il n’est pas toujours évident de se rendre compte de la profondeur. Il faut prendre l’habitude de regarder l’ombre (si elle est présente). Mais il n’est pas toujours simple d’utiliser certains pouvoirs.

Passé le tutoriel, il est possible de jouer à deux en coop locale. Le second joueur est cependant limité à l’utilisation de Bandana Waddle-Dee qui ne peut pas avaler d’ennemis et donc utiliser les divers pouvoirs que propose le jeu ; il est à la place limité à l’utilisation de sa lance. Je n’ai pas eu l’occasion de tester ce mode de jeu et je ne peux donc malheureusement pas m’exprimer sur la gestion de la caméra à deux joueurs.


Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Full Game 100% Walkthrough
Là où tout le monde attend un Kirby, c’est sur les pouvoirs. Kirby et le Monde Oublié nous propose les pouvoirs habituels (Kirby avale un ennemi pour récupérer le pouvoir associé), le transmorphisme (Kirby met un objet dans sa bouche et débloque ainsi de nouvelles capacités) et un système d’amélioration de pouvoirs. Bref, une proposition qui fait rêver sur le papier. Mais qui n’est pas si riche que ça dans les faits.

On the side of the powers, there are two new power improvements (the hammer simply after the end of the game, the sword after the new missions) and the possibility of strengthening the powers. Each version of a power can be strengthened independently. Each reinforcement increases the power of power. Each reinforcement costs parts and rare stones (at this stage of the game, it implies Farmer the arena in a loop to be able to do) for a cost that seems indexed to the power of power. Which implies that I have not experienced enough with this new mechanics.


On one side, Kirby and the forgotten world does not fill all my expectations. I would have liked to find more powers and that they are a little more involved (a more advanced adventure dimension). As a result, I have trouble being convinced by this transmorphism that takes the place of powers that I would have liked to use. Even if, honestly, the phases with the car, the distributor and the ring are fun.

Then, although this 3D game area falls out quite well, it is not perfect and could be improved. As a result, for a new opus, I do not know if I would like a return to a 2D evolution or a new attempt in this direction that could achieve a more successful experience. We are not going to lie, although I wish this game more likes to have previous opus in some aspects, it’s not a good thing that a license stagnates too much and tubing habits to try new things is always Something to encourage (as long as they do not get lost).

On the other side, Kirby and the forgotten world offers a very complete and especially pleasant game experience, thanks to its universe and construction. The different objectives in the missions and challenges in parallel (sometimes frustrating if you want to do a good time) are particularly positive points.

Finally, the possibility of improving powers has a big potential. I wanted more powers so the fact that the improvement is as shyly disappointed me. But I also admit that it’s been a long time since I thought it would be interesting to have a more advanced customization for a gradual unlocking of new capacities for each power. So, a dream cut in his momentum. In addition, I am not a fan of being limited in its activities to strengthen the powers (but it is certain that this aspect is intended for the most enthusiastic players and especially very optional).

In short, even if it was not exactly the game I wanted, I could not help but spend a good time on it. I can not deny the obvious qualities of the title and can only recommend it.

_Test made on Switch by pertur from a version provided by the publisher.

“PS5” Sales Information Summary [March 30] -TSUTAYA will notice new lottery sales, and currently 3 receptionists are being developed

“PLAYSTATION 5” (hereinafter referred to as PS5), which provides a new generation game experience, has reached the released on November 12, 2020. The degree of attention to the latest hardware is very high, and pre-reservation is sold out anywhere. Sales of the day first showed a heated popularity that was not visited.

About PS5 that is difficult to obtain as much as possible in 2022, we will check the latest information on sales situations and lottery sales, and deliver a more extensive recruitment that can be applied for web and official apps. Please check the receptionist that you have not yet applied and how to apply it.

# ◆ Situation of March 30th-“TSUTAYA” announces new lottery sales

Each store has been drawn and selling, while each store, and at the moment “Geo” “Furumoto Market” and “Hikari TV Shopping” continue to receive. In addition, “TSUTAYA” has announced a new lottery reception. This can be applied from April 1st. There is a need for lottery, “Login with TSUTAYA app” and “Registration of mobile card” are required, so it is also a good job to prepare for now.

# ◆ About lottery sales of “Geo”

“Geo” will not be sold at Geog Group storefront only for PS5 from March 30 to April 19th, and not only the lottery sales (except used). Reception of this lottery sales started on March 128 at the official app “Geo app”.

The reception period of this lottery sales is until 17:59 March 31st. As lottery results are notified only to winners, let’s check the mailbox carefully for the result of the result announcement.

# ◆ About lottery sales of “Furume Market”

Monster Hunter Rise - Sunbreak & Starfield! | Trailer Time - Wednesday, March 16, 2022
The “Old Book Market” is announced that it will be a lottery to be accepted on the Web for various sales of “PS5” main unit in May-June 20222222, and sold at the store only for those who have been elected. The lottery sales reception will be held until 23:00 on April 3rd.

This application is required for “Teito point card” or member number of Teito point app “sieve” and is issued by March 24, 2022 and is targeted for members with usage history. When we win, we have to visit within 3 days including the day of winning and purchase. In addition, please note that the presentation of “Photographed identity confirmation” is required, and it can not be purchased if all the information at the time of application is not matched.

# ◆ About lottery sales of “Hikari TV Shopping”

“Hikari TV Shopping” has implemented PS5 lottery reception, and this application is accepted from 11:59 am on April 4.

This lottery sale is for those who have subscribed to Hikari TV’s target plan (out of price plan, television recommended plan, video tamai plan, basic broadcast plan, value plan, entry plan), and WebID also for application Mandatory. In addition, payment at the time of winning will only be “D payment”.

How far is the offer of PlayStation Plus Extra actually?

Yesterday evening Sony Interactive Entertainment had introduced the revised model of PlayStation Plus. This includes, among other things, a new three-stage subscription with the additional tariffs “Extra” and “Premium” , which offer you more content for your money. But how broad is the offer of higher levels actually? Now the PlayStation boss Jim Ryan said.

What awaits the users at PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium?

NEW PlayStation Plus Premium & Essential - 5 Things You Need to know
Although it is already known that some well-known first party games like God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man will be included. But among other things, the question arises for the Third-Party games and the great publishers. According to Jim Ryan’s statements, “all important Publishers” will be represented without executing this more precisely.

_ “It does not matter if it’s indies, great games or things that celebrate our heritage… All kinds of games. We will have them all. We will hopefully offer a line-up that meets all requirements and needs. “_

Although Jim Ryan does not explain the question of concrete third-party games that will be represented at the higher levels of PlayStation Plus. But apparently, Sony Interactive Entertainment attaches great importance to be able to offer the most widest many titles from the most important publishers .

So much cost the tariffs of the new PlayStation Plus

The standard tariff “Essential” costs starting with June 8.99 euros per month and resembles the current offer of PlayStation Plus. The next higher level is the “extra” tariff for 13.99 euros per month, grant access to a catalog of up to 400 games. The most expensive variant is the ** “Premium” tariff for 16.99 euros per month. In return, you can access cloud streaming of numerous games and temporary trial versions. For the latest version of PlayStation Plus, you can buy separate subscription cards as a download code.

To home page

Sony: New PlayStation Plus Service starts in June with over 700 games

Today, Sony introduced the new version of his subscription service PlayStation Plus, which should make the Xbox Game Pass competition.

In June, the two existing services PlayStation Plus and PlayStation NOW are united to the new PlayStation Plus. The membership is offered in three stages. The most expensive variant costs 16.99 euros a month.

The introduction will begin in June first in Asian markets. After that, North America, Europe and the rest of the world follow.

PlayStation Plus Essential

  • Advantages:

Playstation Plus Premium Launching In June!

* Provides the same advantages that PlayStation Plus members already receive today, such as: B.:
 * Two monthly downloadable games
 * Exclusive discounts
 * Cloud storage for stored games
 * Online multiplayer access
* For existing PlayStation Plus members with this tariff there are no changes.
  • Price * for PlayStation Plus Essential remains the same as the current price for PlayStation Plus.
    • USA
    • $ 9.99 Monthly / $ 24.99 Quarterly / $ 59.99 Annually
    • Europe
    • 8,99 € Monthly / € 24.99 Quarterly / 59.99 € annually
    • Great Britain
    • 6,99 £ monthly / 19.99 £ Quarterly / £ 49.99 Annually
    • Japan
    • 850 ¥ monthly / 2.150 ¥ quarterly / 5,143 ¥ annually

PlayStation Plus Extra

  • Advantages:
    • Offers all the advantages of the essential tariff
    • Adds a catalog of up to 400 * the most entertaining PS4 and PS5 games, including blockbuster hits from our Playstation Studios catalog and third-party providers. Games that are part of the extra tariff can be downloaded to play.
  • Price*:
    • USA
    • $ 14.99 Monthly / $ 39.99 Quarterly / $ 99.99 Annually
    • Europe
    • 13,99 € Monthly / 39.99 € Quarterly / 99.99 € annually
    • Great Britain
    • 10.99 £ monthly / 31.99 £ quarterly / 83.99 £ annually
    • Japan
    • 1.300 ¥ monthly / 3,600 ¥ quarterly / 8,600 ¥ annually

PlayStation Plus Premium **

  • Advantages:
    • Offers all the advantages of the rates essential and extra
    • Adds up to 340 * extra games, including:
    • PS3 games available over cloud streaming
    • Catalog with popular game classics of the first PlayStation, PS2 and PSP generation available either by streaming or download
    • Provides cloud streaming access for original PlayStation, PS2, PSP, and PS4 games that are offered at the Extra and Premium rates in markets in which PlayStation Now is currently available. Customers can stream games with PS4 and PS5 consoles as well as PCs. *
    • This tariff also offers temporary test versions of games, so customers can try selected games before buying.
  • Price* :

    • USA
    • $ 17.99 monthly / $ 49.99 Quarterly / $ 119.99 Annually
    • Europe
    • 16,99 € Monthly / 49.99 € Quarterly / 119.99 € annually
    • Great Britain
    • 13,49 £ monthly / £ 39.99 £ Quarterly / 99.99 £ Annually
    • Japan
    • 1,550 ¥ – monthly / 4,300 ¥ – quarterly / 10,250 ¥ annually
  • _ PlayStation Plus Deluxe (selected markets): _ For markets without cloud streaming PlayStation Plus Deluxe is offered at a lower price as Premium and contains a catalog of popular game classics of the first PlayStation, PS2 and PSP generations for download and play as well as temporally limited trial versions of games. The advantages of the rates of essential and extra are also included. The local prices vary depending on the market.

On his website Sony writes that with the two tariffs Extra and Premium for the market launch title like Death Stranding, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Mortal Kombat 11 and Return.

SYBERIA THE WORLD BEFORE: a haunting and heartbreaking adventure

Posthumous Work of Regretted Benoît Sokal (1954-2021) – Author of BD and pioneer of the video game in France – Syberia The World Before is now available on PC. A narrative adventure that appears as the 4th episode of this marking saga for many adeptic players from the point clic and puzzles. Above all, the teams of the Microid studio have worked to develop an episode alternating skillfully between the poetry of the small moments of hope and the horror of fascism and war, plunging us through two different but complementary eras.

Previous Syberia released in 2002, 2004 and 2017, we had retained a touching dystopic world where his heroine Kate Walker, a New York lawyer, had started an adventure that led him to explore the borders of Sybérie to solve A thick mystery. If you are not a familiar with this universe, do not panic, the authors of Syberia The World Before propose a video to summarize the first three episodes and seize the meaning of this odyssey.

This 4th opus plunges us directly into a 1937 parallel in the city of Vaghen who is not without reminding Warsaw of the time of his ghetto in 1940. In the footsteps of the young Dana Roze (17 years old), which offers a Few musical poetry with its inhabitants, we then discover a darker face, that of the brunette shadow whose fascinating velkes traumatize part of the population. Very quickly, the player finds himself transposed in 2004, where a Kate Walker Amaigrie by forced labor in a Taiga mine, seeks to free himself from his prison.

Syberia: The World Before Walkthrough part 1

The best episode of saga

Built by following these two times and in the form of an investigation so that Kate understands both its origins and secrets long buried since the time of Dana, Syberia The World Before turns out to be the best episode of saga.

The artistic direction is here a success, driven by an atmosphere that makes a tribute to the imagination of his deceased Benoît Sokal creator. One can also applaud the musical partitions orchestrated sometimes with emphasis, sometimes everything in subtlety. Microids, whose recent productions are recently mounted (Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo, Marsupilami: the secret of sarcophagus…), book here an attractive game.

If sometimes dated technical aspects and sometimes too classic puzzles can be raised, it remains unless SYBERIA THE WORLD BEFORE is a clear success to appeal to survey lovers, especially since the second part of the game takes a Unexpected turning. A very nice surprise.


NVIDIA releases a joint system for the advancement of computer game: this is omniverse

“Its capacity for unify musicians , art, tools and applications under a solitary platform can influence partnership even amongst the organizations of video games much more spread” stated Delise. To accomplish this synergy, Omniverse links artists, their materials and devices through a system.

These brand-new functions destined to computer game have updates from Omniverse Audio2face, Omniverse Nucleus Cloud and Omniverse Deepsearch, along with the Omniverse connectors for Unreal Engine 5. “Omniverse gives a powerful kind of advancement that addresses business challenges In today’s world, “Expired Frank Delise, vice head of state of Omniverse in Nvidia.

GTC 2022 Keynote with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang
NVIDIA has presented a new system of “ Real-time cooperative design for video games as well as virtual worlds”. NVIDIA Omniverse guarantees to offer designers for the way they share materials with a real-time cooperation as well as simulation platform, being able to make use of devices allowed for artificial knowledge as well as NVIDIA RTX, or creating custom-made tools.

This cooperation would certainly seek to accelerate considerably the development time of the tasks through an open platform, made it possible for to use numerous GPUs, assisting in the interaction between specialists specialized in 3D layout and simulation of physics in real time. Omniverse is carried out on any kind of NVIDIA RTX device and is based on Pixar Scene Description (USD).

SCREAM 6 confirms the return of one of its great actresses and its releSlashere date

After the success of Scream , the recent new delivery of such a popular SlSlasherher terror saga that lost numbering along the way, its managers did not hesitate to confirm a sixth part that would come soon. Well, Scream 6 (provisional title) already hSlasher a premiere date, since it is expected to reach the cinemSlasher the March 31, 2023 , that is, in just over a year. This hSlasher been confirmed from Paramount Pictures and SpyglSlashers , encouraging the fans “to program alarm”.

Courteney Cox will return once again to SCREAM

Also, one of the great stars of her, the actress Courteney Cox , hSlasher confirmed the return of her one more time for this sixth movie. She so confirmed it recently at the JOCT FOR VARIETY PODCSlasherT by Marc Malkin, Slasher well Slasher advancing that shooting will probably start this next month of June in Canada :

Scream 6 | Potential Plot + How Sidney Prescott Can Return

“Yesterday I received the script. And I have not read it yet. I just received it, and I’m so used to receiving, you know, Shining scripts Vale, which are 26 pages, and I am, ‘Wow, I have to read a script’. I’m excited to say that, “says the actress.

For the moment it is not known about this new delivery of Scream, beyond that Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett return to direct it Slasher part of the Creative Collective Radio Silence , under a script Written by James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick . In production we find the Creator Kevin Williamson and the third Radio Silence member, Chad Villella , who will work with Gary Barber and Peter Oillataguerre of SpyglSlashers.

Recall that the fifth of Scream arrived at the cinemSlasher the pSlashert January 14, 2022 , raising almost 140 million dollars worldwide, of which 80 came from the American movie theaters. Ghostface will return in less than a year.

Save the world to the rhythm! New trailer disclosure “SoundFall” announces delivery schedule of 2022 spring

About the rhythm-based router shooter “ Soundfall ” developed by Drastic Games and NOODLECAKE is a newly announced that this work is available on the YouTube channel ** this year is scheduled to be delivered on the Youtube channel. I released the trailer.

This work has become a guardian of a girl MELODY, including a girl MELODY summoned to a different world symphonia, making full use of a combat system combined with rhythm games and action elements, and fights against the army discordian of the violent Rhythm action game. Of course, players are free to import your favorite music freely by playing with over 100 songs provided in the game.

In addition, this work supports up to four local and online cooperative plays, and in the published trailer, you can see multiple characters with different instruments in addition to MELODY.

“SoundFall” announced in 2018 and continues for a long time is scheduled to be distributed in the spring of 2022 for PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE / Nintendose switch / PC (Steam / EPIC Games store) Is.

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