Historia has started delivering “Counselor of RESCUEME Net” on February 28. The corresponding platform is iOS / Android, basic play is free. Text fast forward and counseling tip functions, charging elements such as a story after the main scenario are prepared.

“RESCUEME Net Counselor” is a chat wind bell ADV that rides someone’s consultation via the app. The main character Komori Komori is a 22-year-old young man who once aimed at the psychological counselor. He is not currently unemployed. He was fed up by His Friends Hisashi Suzuki (Sorane Suzushi), and I read his favorite book every day without going out of my mind and body, and I read his favorite book every day.

However, he is proposed to be a net counselor from Suzuni from Suzuni, July 22nd of his withdrawal 7th anniversary. Although I was at first, but he was pointed out that he is not well-known to Suzuni and decided to start counseling. He will perform net counseling via the chat application “Union” as a psychological counselor-oriented university student sensation. Worried consultation is unfolded with five faces and five people.

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On the source of the chat app, consultation will come from several people through chat apps. As a good guy, we will promote counseling by choosing an option in those messages. The options are presented with various situations from the true return to strange remarks. The reliability changes depending on the chronic choice. In the room where you live in a reward, there is also a choice that is released by knowing information in advance. In the game early, consultation and daily complaints and criminal conflicts will be developed. During continuing chat, the consultants’ conflict and deep troubles will be drawn.

In addition, chat app “Union” used by good guys is an app for residents by Takamachi, who lives and Suzuki. The application is currently under development, and the test of the app ends on August 25, so August 25 will be the period of counseling. The story will draw about one month through chat, such as the counselor’s episode and the oysters themselves. As an element, news and a friendlist in a chat app are also provided.

Historia producing this work is a domestic game development company. As a result, in charge of development such as “Caligula 2” and “Caligula Oberdose”. We are good at the game using Unreal Engine, and this work is an adventure game, but is developed by Unreal Engine 4. According to the official site, this work seems to be a long time to the company. In addition, this work can be played free of charge to the game clear. As a billing element, text fast-forward and option tips, advertisement deletion functions, etc. are introduced. Stories after the main part are also sold at a set of 490 yen.

“Counselor of RESCUEME Net” is distributed for free for iOS / Android.